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Zalora Brand Ambassador ¶ August 27

Hello dollies! I have a special announcement to you! :) Have you noticed my latest banner on my right side bar? I am now a Zalora Brand Ambassador! hihi. Well, I know it's kinda late because since Zalora launched here in the Philippines, almost all of the bloggers who attended the Grand Launch became a brand ambassador. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the said event since I am not yet a stable blogger that time. But I am shocked when Zalora contacted me through email and asked me if I want to be their brand ambassador too! Of course I said yes right away! hihi.   "Zalora.com.ph aims to bring you women’s shoes, men’s footwear, and a large variety of clothes from a range of well-known and emerging brands with ease, simplicity, speed, as well as value-added service like free home delivery and an amazing customer support. You can quickly peruse our well-known brands such as Folded & Hung, Crocs, Cole Vintage, DC, Dolce & Gabanna, Europak, Gucci, Holster, Jansport, Kipling and Bayo. Whether you are a daring fashionista, a conservative dresser, or a sports buff looking for workout gear, ZALORA is the way to go. Zalora guarantee that you will always find fashion that suits and flatters your personal style"

Now, Im gonna share with you the first item I got from Zalora :) Come on! Let's inbox it! hihi. 

A secured and perfectly packed product.

Brand Ambassador Program ( BAP ) | ZALORA Indonesia ®


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