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Your Purpose at University (part 2) ¶ March 14

Your number one purpose at university is to get that degree! If you fail at that, it doesn't really matter what else you have achieved, as those things all could have been done without shelling out nothing less than £9,000 a year in fees alone for the privilege.

We looked at the first reason "1.    It is what you (or your parents) are paying for, and you should respect that" in an earlier post.

In this post we look at the other 2 good reasons: 2.     It is a much better testimony to non-Christians when you are successful than if you are failing

3.     It will stand you in good stead to get a good job (whether in marketplace or missions), or go on to further study

It is a much better testimony to non-Christians when you are successful than if you are failing "What about evangelism?" I hear you ask. Evangelism is important. It will always be important whether or not you are at university. The Smart Student knows how to be a successful witness AND pass their degree (and pass it with flying colours). In any case, you are a much more credible testimony of the grace of God on your life when you are putting into practice diligence and hard work, demonstrating your ability to prioritise and understanding that you are at university for a purpose. It will stand you in good stead to get a good job (whether in marketplace or missions), or go on to further study If you are in, or approaching your final year and have begun looking for employment, you will see all the more, that this is important. Your degree classification not only tells the world how smart you are, it shows that you know what is important, and you take your future seriously.

"Well, I am going to be a missionary anyway so what I get in my degree doesn't matter"… some of you may say. I beg to differ. Many noble Christian students have gone on to be missionaries. Many have gone to the mission field with their heads held high as possessors of higher degrees in various disciplines. Unfortunately, there are a few too many who have gone having failed at university, having fallen short of God’s best for them. Not only does that affect their confidence, it affects their ability to witness. Is it really ok to say, once you have you failed your degree, that God will now accept you as a missionary? Exactly the same qualities are needed to gain a qualification that are needed to do God’s work. The Lord isn't interested in less than your best. He doesn't want to be your second choice.

So does that mean that I have to spend all my time in my books and ignore God’s work? No. To paraphrase the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, you should have done the latter without leaving the former undone. To learn more about how to prioritise your time as a student click here. 

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Advice for Smart Students on Succeeding in College - NYTimes.com
22 Apr 2013 ... In my work, I've found there to be an enormous, though perfectly ... and
universities expend unimaginable sums of money per student to ... new
challenges and gain an appreciation for how much you, in fact, do not know.

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