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Xat Temp Owner – How it works! ¶ March 13

xat temp owner

We have and are now testing tempowner. Here is what we know so far – thanks “help chat” Brian for helping with this :) To make someone a tempowner:

  • You must be Main owner of your chat. This is the first Xat created MAIN OWNER only power (credit to Phsycical for pointing that out)
  • Private chat someone and type /mo1.0 where 1.0 is the time in hours (just like you would with tempmod or tempmem)
  • You are limited to a 24 hours maximum when tempowner’ing anyone

Your tempowner will be able to do the following (at least for now during the testing phase):

Xat Moderator | Hack a Chat
NOTE: This is not 'hacking', it's just a possible way to gain main owner. ... Go to
the chat you want to hack( I will explain with xat.com/Ojoc ). 2. Finding the chat ID.

  • Can make perm mods for up to 1 hour
  • Can make perm members for up to 1 hour
  • Can make temp mods for up to  24 hours
  • Can make temp members for up to  24 hours
  • Can ban mods, members and guests (perm, temp or otherwise) for up to 24 hours

Those of you who have Tempowner can try it out on http://xat.com/xatworld or http://xat.com/xat_test; both chats are setup to test new powers. No wait, actually can you? Hmmmmm…

Need us to try or test another power using TEMPOWNER? Just ask below. Thanks!


Update on Zenger Folkman’s New Book “How to Be Exceptional” ¶ June 21

Update on Zenger Folkman’s New Book “How to Be Exceptional” by zengerfolkman September 27, 2012 As I said to Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman in last week’s Strengths-Based Leadership Development webcast (click on title to view the archived session).