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Workout advice thread ¶ April 15

I want to get as much workout advice into one thread as possible for quick reference. Feel free to debate anything, fitness is rarely black and white.
1. First off, I have the most important thing I have ever learned is where to get advice and information from. I've established quite a few good sources for training advice and motivation, I've also found some that are just plain bad.

-Mens Health (magazine+site by country)
Sucks hard. Scaled in such a way that everything seems very obtainable... Because it is. The hardest exercises I've ever found in Men's Health (I used to read religiously) I've managed to achieve within a year. So from Beginner to Advanced in their programs usually takes about a year. Where are you supposed to go after that? On top of that there is frequent contradictions and the "professionals" they cite often aren't actually qualified. As in, at all. On top of that they offer terrible advice with women.

-Building the Gymnastic's Body (book+site+forum) gymnasticbodies.com/
The absolute best bodyweight training resource I've found. I train predominately bodyweight and from this site and the book I pieced together a routine at least as effective as any weight program. The book is somewhat advanced, I'd recommend at least a years experience before attempting.

The main site is sparse but great motivation. Features bodyweight tutorials which are easier and faster than any other site. The guy lifts weights really well as well.

-Dragondoor (site+forums)
Incredibly repetitive and self contained. Only worthwhile resources are the books I mention separately, occasional good article but no references and the information is available elsewhere with them. Occasional bad advice, few qualified contributors. Having said that the sources they draw from are very good and the books I mention below are too.

-Convict Conditioning (book).
Everything released on Dragondoor gets over-hyped IMO. This book was, it has only sixty exercises across six main progressions and is very limited. The progression numbers are also pointless, but if you follow these progressions with the set up of BtGB then you get very effective workout variety. Tries to sound scientific and hardcore, comes across as neither.

-Pavel Tsatsouline (every book).
Very sound logic and current research backs up nearly all his training methods, even though the books were released from 1998-2006. The writing is irritation in essence but is worth the read because the advice and methodology is so solid. Very good combat training. Best flexibility training I have found.

An occasional source of good information. Without a high rep value though, you will get flamed. A lot.

-Starting Strength (Book+wiki) startingstrength.wikia.com/wiki/Starting_Strength_Wiki I've never been on the site before. Widely considered the absolute best beginner program.

-Scooby's Workshop (site) scoobysworkshop.com/
I found the vast majority of advice on this site is terrible. His advice is far outdated on everything to do with nutrition and most his programs are exceedingly easy. Also, his form on pull-ups is so bad it deserves its own mention. Decent for home body-building but there are far better bodyweight resources, sports training resources, strength training resources and nutrition resources to bother listening to his shoddy advice on these subjects.

-Ross Enamait (books+site) www.rosstraining.com/forum/
Very diverse range of information on combat training, features a lot to do with body weight training. However the result of being so diverse is that it lacks in substance, very little evidence backs up anything he recommends and his bodyweight training method is exceedingly easy. Would recommend before Scooby's Workshop but there are better resources out there. Only really worth looking into if your interest lies mainly with "MMA style" training. Isn't really MMA training though.

-Bill Starr's 5x5 (book, online) madcow.hostzi.com/5x5_Program/Linear_5x5.htm
He doesn't have a site but he published a book that is good if old. The program above is really simple and easy to follow, it gives a good outline of the whole method. Works well with SS. I use it as a template for a lot of bodyweight progressions, works extremely well for this purpose. I'd go so far as to say 5x5 is the best general template for bodyweight moves

-Chad Waterbury Huge in a Hurry (book)
deceptively bad name. Sound research, although very simple detail and it doesn't really list references. Further examination revealed it was up to date, no thanks to the book itself. I found the programs boring but they worked well.

-Eddie Baran/Matt Furey (every book+both sites+forum)
The absolute worst resource I've come across. Avoid. No research, Matt Furey has a mediocre body and claim to have trained for more than a decade and the system is very easy and dangerous. It doesn't even train the full body, basically just shoulders and abs. BTW, I put the two together because they publish exactly the same information, I wouldn't be surprised if one person writes all the books.

-Crossfit (forums+sites+other resources) board.crossfit.com/
The proverb "if you chase two rabbits both will escape" comes to mind. Not the most efficient way to reach any one goal, or even several goals, but if you have no idea what you want or are trying to maintain fitness in all areas it works. Otherwise look at other resources.

-Testosterone Nation (site+forums) www.t-nation.com/
Very mixed. Some information is excellent, some is poor. The forums were more beginner friendly than BB.com's but still weren't the best. The advice is usually limited. The main site publishes both good and bad articles but it's easy to tell the difference, the good ones often have very in-depth citations.


That's pretty much everything I've read into that's worth mentioning. May think of more later. Will put up more specific advice as well.


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