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What Qualities Make a Good Oracle DBA? ¶ March 13

I was speaking to a colleague today and was asked what qualities they thought made a good Oracle DBA. I thought it was a good question so I had a think about it and came up with 6 main points that I think cover the vast majority of the skills required to become a good Oracle DBA.

There will be DBAs out there who agree and disagree with what I write here. I can think of a good reason why someone might disagree with me and that’s because not every job is the same. Every Oracle DBA position will vary greatly, mainly because there are so many different Oracle product which can be used in an infinite number of combinations, some which suit one company better than others. So, you may find that some DBAs have had exposure to a great number of different systems whereas others have only experienced a few.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a quick note about this one as I have already written an article on what qualities made a good Oracle DBA over at my other site, so check it out there and let me know what you think!

How do you recognize a good Oracle DBA?
As a consultant, it seems to me that it's very important to quickly size up the DBA's
you will be working with. So, I ask the question, how do you tell a good DBA?


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