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What Makes a Good B2B Blog Post? ¶ March 14

B2B Blogging Examples

Readers want four things: connection, personality, passion, and trust. Here are some examples of great B2B  blogs to inspire you.


Consider who you audience is and present your message in a way that appeals to them. This may seem basic, but you should be tailoring your writing towards who you are trying to target. Sure you will get some other random people here and there, but you must write a way that’s appealing to those who you want to attract. If you want to attract Shakespearean scholars, then write in Old English and thou wilst have great success.

A scientist blogger from General Electric’s Global Research blog Edison’s Desk, connects with readers on evidence of dark matter. Rock on! Also, they solicit future blog topics from their blog. 

Also, don’t forget to:

UPS --United Parcel Service - PILOT CAREER CENTER
Information about UPS --United Parcel Service on PILOT CAREER CENTER.
Welcome to Pilot Career Center - Pilot Jobs and more! PilotCareerCenter.com is
a ...

  • It is important to respond to people’s comments because it is a way to keep the conversation flowing (thus increasing website traffic), and it also helps build a strong connection between you and your readers. They need to know you aren’t just an automated computer that says, “Thanks for your time; we hope to see you again soon!”
  • Have meaningful engagement with your readers – By responding and engaging with your readers, you are one step ahead of most bloggers and companies. Most people believe if their content is good people will read it and that’s that. However, if you don’t engage with people, you won’t build trust and a strong connection and you won’t differentiate yourself. Here are 4 things you can do to have meaningful engagement:
    1. Ask questions – By asking the people what they want to read about or if they have any questions is an excellent way to build loyalty and create strong customer relationships
    2. Answer Questions –  Everyone has questions whether they are willing to ask them or not. If they do, make sure to provide a thoughtful and precise answer that will invite them to ask more.
    3. Pre-empt questions – There is nothing more satisfying than answering a question before someone gets to ask it. When this happens, the reader knows that you are looking out for them and thinking in their best interest.
    4. Welcome Opinions – What better way to create active engagement than to ask for someone’s opinion. Whether you agree or disagree, you can reply to the, creating an avenue for conversation. This allows you to open up a discussion that will bring forth new thoughts and perspectives.
    5. Give incentives – People love interacting with someone or something as long as there is a reward involved. People usually engage with your brand either so they can be heard or so they can get help. Providing incentives is another way of creating a positive interaction for customers, while also increasing the chance for interaction.


Readers crave to see the personality of the author flow from the words of the article. You do not want to use corporate speech here; instead you want to inject some of your own personality in the article.

  • When someone tells me a piece of personal information I feel as though they are establishing a strong connection by trusting me with this information. Do this with your readers by giving them insight into who you are.

Webtrends’ Report Monkey feature is fun and shows tons of personality while offering really helpful advice. 


Thirdly, people love seeing passionate writers. Whatever it is your writing about don’t be neutral. Make an impression and show you really care about what you’re writing about.

UPS upside blog

On the UPS Upside Blog Gloria Hatcher describes how she overcame poverty and fear to become a pilot at UPS.  You can feel her passion for encouraging other women come through in the blog post. 


The final and most important thing is that readers want to trust you. By making a connection with them, showing them who you are, and showing them you are passionate about what you do will help them look to you for your expertise in subject matter.

IBM’s Smarter Planet Blog showcases a customer story on predictive analytics success. This is a great way to build trust and be helpful without being salesy.  

Also, you can:

  • Post links related to your content – This will do extremely important things: make you a valuable source of information and build trust with your viewers. Instead of making your readers scavenge the internet for what they hope to be is a legitimate source, provide it for them and make their search easier. In turn this will make you a valuable source of information and it will help build trust since they know you are looking out for them (and not just your own blog/brand), causing them to return for more.
  • Demonstrate thought leadership – Trust has been a key theme in this blog series since the only way people can learn about you is through your blog. As we’ve said, having people trust you helps create your foundation of being a thought leader just as being a thought leader helps people trust you. Demonstrating your knowledge in a subject area that most people don’t know about is one way of making yourself more unique.

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