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Vegetarian in Italy? ¶ June 3

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Vegetarian in Italy?

Dec 06, 2012, 9:02 PM

My wife is a pescetarian which is a vegetarian that eats fish... or a regular person that doesn't eat meat (pork, beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, etc.). She is a huge animal lover and doesn't eat meat because of the cruel factory farming that takes place in america. It's not as much that it grosses her out or she cant eat it, she just wants to do her part to strike against something she feels so strongly about.

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6 Dec 2012 ... My wife is a pescetarian which is a vegetarian that eats fish... or a ... I doubt one
can distinguish how the animal was treated prior to slaughtering in Italy. ....
Vegetarians here in Italy usually eat cheese and Parmesan is the king ...

Looking at the menu's for the trip were about to take to Athens, Venice, Florence & Rome I have been trying to prep her for the possibility that she might have to eat meat simply for the lack of anything else on the menu... and also i don't want her to miss out on all of the great delicious food she might not try if she doesn't eat meat.

i'm worried restaurants wont have much selection for her if any excluding meat. I know Venice has a huge seafood selection so i'm not worried there... but in the other places, do you think there will be enough other non-meat options for her to get a good dinning experience?

Also, in Europe, particularly Italy, is there a lot of "factory farming" where they mass produce meat products any treat the animals cruelly?

We are both huge foodies... so i really am pushing her to take a break from her vegetarianism (wow i cant believe i spelled that right!) so she doesn't miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime to try great foods. i'm not saying sit down and eat a 24 oz. steak every night... but at least try the local flavor!

what do you think?

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