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Vaginal V-Zone Dryness after Hysterectomy ¶ June 2

The HysterSisters Store has gathered products made specifically for your recovery from surgery. Here are the best sellers we can recommend to help you:

  • The Great Binder Set - We have made it very easy for you and combined the two best binders and the Silky Sac into a great set to save you money! Our favorite is the Perfect Pocket binder with cold/hot packs!
  • Deluxe Hyst Prep Set - As you plan, we've gathered the best products into one set for special pricing.
  • Post-Op Panty - These great panties speed recovery, and reduces scarring. They contain a medical-grade silicone panel over incision to reduce scar's apperance while they provide support to weakened muscles and tissues from surgery. Excellent!
  • Softest Bra Ever - When you want to wear something, but feel nothing. This is the softest bra ever, in microfiber with no hardware or tags to chafe or dig! The comfort-ribbed underband stays in place gently, so it is perfect for sleeping and lounging.
  • HysterSisters Accessory Kit - Are you a HysterSisters fan? This set has a fun collection of HysterSisters items.
  • Very Private Moisture - Once your doctor gives you the green light for intimacy, this is the stuff! This is a best selling product with a high rate of permanent, satisfied, repeat customers! Relieves vaginal dryness instantly, protects tissue & enhances intimacy. "Buy it for the problem, use it for the pleasure."


Northern Rail ¶ August 17

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Pizza School ¶ June 10

Our classes are all hands on. We don’t spend much time with theory there’s nothing like first hands on experience! The days are long but enjoyable. The classes are fast paced and hard work.

How can i get Instagram famous ? super fast !? ¶ May 28

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