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Top 10 Trolling Yahoo Answers Of All Time ¶ July 11

You can find a lot of funny Trolling Yahoo Answers on the site, some may even induce laughter that can choke you to death. So we decided to compile a list of the top 10 funniest trolling Yahoo Answers we have ever seen.

Yahoo Answers was first launched in 2005, when it replaced Ask Yahoo. If you are already familiar with the site (which we assume most of you would be), you would know that the idea of the site is to ask questions in order to get a sensible and correct answer.

However, believe it or not but there is a troll in all of us waiting to get out when presented with the chance. When the perfect moment presents itself, the troll lying dormant inside comes out. Accept it, anyone can give the correct answer to a question on Yahoo Answers, but only a select few can give a completely inappropriate yet relevant, sarcastic and funny response. Here are the top 10 trolling Yahoo Answers.

How to become more talkative and quick-witted? - Yahoo Answers
Watch tv shows and see how the characters on the shows interact with each
other. Watch how friends and family interact with each other and ...

10. Your avatar explains everything

10.Top 10 TrollingYahoo Answers

Oh no, he didn’t actually go there! That is probably one of the best things about Yahoo Answers that you can choose from numerous default avatars instead of using your own face. Who knows, Alisha B could already have been married to the guy with kids?

9. They are watching your every move

9.Top 10 TrollingYahoo Answers

It seems like China has some pretty stupid rules regarding the internet and blocking some sites. One person actually had a genuine concern about it, but of course he had to be trolled. The username “Chinese Secret Police” is actually a great touch to finish off the troll.

8. Fun websites for 13 year old girls

8.Top 10 TrollingYahoo Answers

It only took a minute or two for the guy to leave this reply. It seems like the guy has been dreaming for months for a question like this to appear so that he can give an answer like this. Poor, unsuspecting girl who got trolled off to one of the darkest places on the internet for a 13 year old girl.

7. Wife problems7. Top 10 TrollingYahoo Answers

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that some of the questions on Yahoo Answers are troll themselves, including this one. However, this guy still took some time to draft out a lengthy yet humorous reply. The sandwich part was just hilarious, although it is an old wife joke.

6. Sandwich dilemma

6.Top 10 TrollingYahoo Answers

5. The essence of the World War II

5.Top 10 TrollingYahoo Answers

Honestly, we couldn’t have worded the answer any better.Who knows, with a name like Ernest, maybe he served in World War II so he knows exactly what it was like?

4. Widowed Facebook status

4.Top 10 TrollingYahoo Answers

If you don’t get it, allows us to explain. Basically, the wife is planning to kill the guy. Once he is dead, she will no longer be “married”, but will instead be categorized as “widowed”.

3. How to make rupees

3.Top 10 TrollingYahoo Answers

If you have never played a Zelda game, you wouldn’t understand this one. Basically, rupee is the currency in the Zelda world, so a Zelda fanboy saw an unsuspecting Indian man’s question about making money online and trolled the guy. Indeed, a perfect answer!

2. Reading in caps

2. Top 10 TrollingYahoo Answers

This is one of the smartest trolls we have come across. At first glance, it looks like a regular anti-piracy response, but if you read only the capitalized words, you will find that she is actually answering his question. Really smart.

1. Getting rid of oily face

1.Top 10 TrollingYahoo Answers

This is indeed the most appropriate answer for the question posted. In fact, it looks like everyone liked this answer and voted it as the best.


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