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Tips on How to House Train a Dog Effectively ¶ March 13

Tips on How to House Train a Dog Effectively

By Donald Baker

how to house train a dogHouse training your pet is very important if you want to maintain a clean and sanitary house. You should make sure that your pet knows where and how to urinate and defecate properly. However, you should keep in mind that the ways on how to house train a dog can depend on its age. House training a puppy is different from house training an adult dog.

House Training a Puppy

Of course, house training a puppy is easier than house training an adult dog. This is because puppies have not yet developed particular habits. It is still easy to teach and mold them according to how you want them to behave.

Likewise, you should take note that the age of your puppy has a bearing on its ability to be house trained. If your puppy is weaned too soon, it will have a difficult time being house trained.

  • House training your puppy during its fifth to seventh week should take place within the litter area because it is during this time that socially beneficial behaviors are transferred. 
  • You should also be consistent when training it during its eighth to sixteenth week. During this time, your puppy learns whether it is at a dangerous or a safe environment. It also starts to learn how to control its bladder. 
  • During its sixteenth week, your puppy may already be able to hold its bladder for up to four hours. 
  • At four to six months, it should be able to hold its bladder for four to seven hours.
  • When your puppy reaches six to twelve months, it should be able to hold its bladder for up to eight hours.
  • Once it reaches twenty-four months, it should already be fully house trained.

Take note that the breed of your dog may also have something to do with how you house train it. Generally, larger breeds are easier to house train than smaller ones.

Effective House Training Techniques

Confinement is one of the most important techniques you should know when learning how to house train a dog. You should let your puppy know where it can urinate and defecate. It should develop natural den instincts and learn that it is not alright to soil its den. In order to prevent it from soiling its den, you should give it frequent access to the toilet area.

You should reward it each time it urinates and defecates in the right place. Nonetheless, you should never punish it whenever it commits a house training mistake. See to it that you schedule its mealtimes. It is also ideal to keep a journal, so you can take note of its urinating and defecating times.

Puppies typically have to eliminate every thirty to forty-five minutes, except when they are asleep. The frequency of their urination and defecation may also depend upon the last time they drank or ate. Fortunately, though, puppies tend to sleep a lot. So, you do not have to clean up after them all day.

House Training an Adult Dog

If your dog is already an adult, do not worry because the ways on how to house train a dog when it is still a puppy still apply to it. Just make sure that you rule out any medical issues first. If you notice that it urinates or defecates at inappropriate places and times, you should take it to the veterinarian.

You should realize that certain medical conditions can be a cause for this kind of behavior. For instance, if your dog has diarrhea or loose stools, it may have gastrointestinal upset. Nonetheless, a change in diet may also be a factor for the change in behavior of your pet. If you have recently switched to a different brand or type of dog food, your pet may develop a house-soiling problem.

Establishing Yourself as Pack Leader
If you do not take the role of alpha, your dog will be forced to take the role himself.
... and coffee table, he shouldn't behave that way in other people's homes.

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