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The Aquatic Therapist ¶ May 10

Was your aquatic therapy certificate too easy? Are you paying too much to keep it active? Our Aquaticist℠ credential is challenging, clinical and wallet-friendly. And better yet, it is only awarded to licensed physical and occupational therapists and their assistants.

There are many certifications in the allied health industry, making it hard for patients to know whom is medically-qualified to treat them. The same goes for aquatic therapy. To eliminate this confusion, ATU has created the perfect alternative: the Aquaticist℠ credential, the first-ever postgraduate patent awarded to licensed PTs/PTAs/OTs/OTAs only.

This credential is not the same as certification. Aquatic therapy certification involves extra fees and exams and expensive annual renewals. Instead, all you need to become an Aquaticist℠ is your attendence and satisfactory completion of any five of our 30+ progressive post-graduate courses.

"Sounds great," you say? "I'll just take a couple of 3-4 hour mini-classes and I'll be certified!" Think again. Our courses are grueling 16-hour seminars that will leave your head swollen and your legs wobbly. But when you have finished your 84-hour evidence-based progression you'll know that you accomplished something. And so will your boss and co-workers. Think of it as getting your major in aquatic therapy, only without the dorm food.

You can complete your studies in as long as 5 years or you can finish it in as fast as 10-days. Either way, like a diploma, it can never expire. Once an Aquaticist℠, always an Aquaticist℠.

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What qualifications and training do you need to be a quantity surveyor? ¶ March 25

Entry level The main route into quantity surveying is by taking a first degree - normally in quantity surveying or a closely related subject - accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) or the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).

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Tell us a bit about yourself. Hello everyone! My name is Hine [hee-neh] Mizushima. I’m an Illustrator, a slow crafter and a puppet-based stop-motion animation video artist who doesn’t usually wear a Camera camera case on my head.