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That Crazy Man I Love { ¶ March 19

That Crazy Man I Love {and Everybody Loves Raymond!}

Do you ever feel like you are living in a sitcom? Sometimes, the things that go on in my house should really be a part of a show, but then I think that's what this blog is for so I just ramble on and tell you all about it. Lately, I am reminded of the sitcom, Everybody Love Raymond, and specifically an episode titled, "Baggage", and not just because my husband could totally be a sport writer or broadcaster.

Everybody Loves Raymond: "Baggage"

In the episode, Debra is telling Marie about a suitcase that Ray left on the stairs after his recent work trip. Debra feels that Ray left it there on purpose and she is refusing to move it. All of us happy wives know that men do this and they would love for us to believe they just "didn't think about it" for whatever reason. Part of me feels like that if my husband would say that his expectation is that I pick it up, then I might just let it go. Or, better yet, at least we would have something to discuss. ;)

For those of you who haven't seen it, Marie tells Debra the origin of the Big Fork and Spoon that hang on her kitchen wall. Marie and Frank received the Big Fork and Spoon as one of their wedding gifts. They both hated the gift. They got into an argument about who should return the horrible gift and Marie stormed out. When she returned she discovered that Frank had nailed the spoon to the kitchen wall. Marie retaliated by hanging the Big Fork next to it, but higher. Marie feels she has won. Debra convinces Marie that she can be the better person by taking down the Big Fork and Spoon after all these years, but when Marie tries, she finds that the outlines of the wall art is permanently stained on her wallpaper. And for 45 years, the Fork has been higher.

My Life in a Sitcom

Now, on to why my life has been like this lately and please be gentle with your judgment of me…or my husband…or how childish I can be. I am aware of this and it is not likely to change. I offer no apologies, only hopes that my son doesn't mature before we do.

On February 9, my boy turned 5 years old. We had a party. I took a week off from work to clean our house because well (see above) neither of us clean on a consistent basis or at all, really. Although I didn't get as much of the cleaning done as I would have liked, I cleared a lot of clutter and trash from our home so that it would be presentable – It's all about the presentation!

When the party started, I was still mopping the floor and I had one portion of the counter and stove that I didn't get to and a few dishes. Hubby had been helping all morning to finish up the cleaning, but also getting the meal started for the party. He cooked burgers…on two flat top grills…in the corner where I had not cleaned.

For the past couple of weeks, dishes have come and gone from that corner. I'll be perfectly honest, I don't do dishes unless they completely drive me bonkers or I'm in some weird manic cleaning mood. Howard has been plugging away at loading the dishwasher off and on, yet the two flat top grills have stayed. I may have made a comment about them once, but I have just been waiting to see if he will clean them. They are really easy to clean…if you clean them right away. He hasn't cleaned them.

Don't let a suitcase filled with cheese be your big fork and spoon. – Marie Barone

In the episode of Everybody Loves Raymond , Ray finds out about Debra's refusal to move the suitcase and then decides to put a stinky piece of cheese in the suitcase before he leaves for his business trip. Eventually, the whole issue is resolved and it is quite hilarious. Like the episode, our issue has been resolved and we didn't even have the hilarity…I just cleaned the dang flat top grills. It took a lot longer than it should have, but now the kitchen is clean (well, it was clean two days ago, but Howard cooked ribs, fish, and veggies last night, sigh…)

…Cheese. I love it, and yet I used it as a weapon. – Ray Barone

As a side note, Howard and I were at a garage sale a few months ago and he bought a big wooden spoon. I think it might look okay in the kitchen somewhere, but it is not hung up yet. If that Big Spoon magically is hung in the next few days (because you know he reads my blog now) then I am going to be in the market for a Big Fork immediately!

How to be a Man {That Crazy Man I Love} via @JanetGoingCrazy

Why I Love My Husband: Part Seven

That Crazy Man I Love {and Everybody Loves Raymond}

Now for more of my never-ending list…

31. He is teaching my son to be a man. See above photo. This was from their rib dinner last night.  

32. He does the dishes. When we met, I told him, "you cook and I'll do the dishes". I don't do the dishes…ever.  

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That's how you get either seriously injured or jailed, be cool dude, be cool.

33. He is never mad at me. This can be frustrating because I know things bother him, but he says that nothing is bad enough that it warrants an argument or even a discussion. Well…until I get completely cuckoo and out of control and then he might mention something so that I will shut up.  

34. He listens when I'm frustrated. He knew I was frustrated with him this week, but didn't know why. He asked. I told him. He changed what he was doing.  

35. He cooks fish for me. He doesn't like fish. I don't like ribs. Last night, he cooked ribs and fish.    

Why I Love My Husband

I'm building this never-ending list every Thursday with the Happy Wives Club. Sometimes, it will be mushy and sometimes it will be hilarious, but it will always be true.

Does your family ever seem like it should be in a sitcom?


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