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T Out ¶ March 12

Success Rate

After 2 decades in the business, let me address one of the worse questions you can ask an outfitter-  "What is your success rate?"

Due to the fact so many of my competitors misrepresent there success rates, it is senseless to answer this question.  Many outfitters fog the issue with words like 'hunter opportunity', 'most years', 'generally', 'about' and some just lie.  If you choose an outfitter based on his success rate, you probably made the decision to hunt with a liar instead of an honest outfitter. 

Our success rate is always as good or better than our competitors and in the same price range.

Most hunters don't realize how precious elk really are. Let me compare Wisconsin deer hunting vs. Montana elk hunting. Montana has 160,000 elk. Wisconsin has 1,800,000 deer. That's Eleven times more game! Montana is 2.5 times larger than Wisconsin, which means it is 27 times harder to kill an elk in Montana then it is to kill 1 deer in Wisconsin. Wisconsin hunters kill 330,000 deer annually, which means if Montana elk hunters were to enjoy that same success, we would have to kill every elk in the state plus 170,000 beef cows!

When you come out elk hunting, please bring realistic expectations.

We want all of our potential hunters to understand that:

~Every year we send hunters home with nothing more than fond memories and every year we send hunters home with the trophy of their dreams.

~Taking a Bull Elk on fair chase terms is one of the finest yet hardest trophies to acquire in North America.

~We have had hunts with 100% kill and others with 0%; kill rates vary greatly with weather, physical ability and hunters willingness to hunt every day of their hunt.

~All of our hunters pay for a first class fair chase hunt and all hunters receive a first class fair chase hunt.

Modern Tactics for Hunting Elk | Field & Stream
Elk are intelligent, adaptable animals that are quick to learn from hunting ... I've
learned that you have to adapt to these new circumstances to stay successful.


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