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Review of Ultimate Burn With Ephedra 27 mg: An Effective Fat-Burning Diet Supplement? ¶ May 25

Review of Ultimate Burn With Ephedra 27 mg: An Effective Fat-Burning Diet Supplement?

 24 Nov 2013   Posted by admin  0 Comment
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ultimate burn with ephedraUltimate Burn 27mg Ephedra is a leading supplement in the fat loss market, but does it work? It would seem that after ephedra-based diet supplements were banned by the FDA back in 2004, this market was effective killed off. However, due to recent rule changes, it is now possible for supplement makers to use ephedra extracts in their diet and weight loss products. Obviously, extracts will not be as effective as the real thing, especially considering that they are required to remove the ephedrine when using these formulas. Despite this, Ultimate Burn with Ephedra is one weight loss product that might be worthy of your attention. With a number of additional ingredients, this is something that might fit into your weight loss plans and help you achieve your goals.

Active Ingredients Included With Ultimate Burn:

The first ingredient to learn about in this fat burner is 27 mg of ephedra extract. Now this is certainly not the same thing that you would have found in an ephedra supplement back in 2000, and for good reason. In order to follow current FDA guidelines the company has removed any ephedrine alkaloids (which were the main effective ingredients that lead to those incredible results). Nevertheless, the extract may still be helpful at producing some of the effects associated with the original supplements.

In order to make up for this lack of ephedrine, a number of other ingredients are included in Ultimate Burn with 27 mg Ephedra diet pills. For starters, the creators of this product have attempted to build what is known as an ECA stack. This stack basically has ephedra (or, really, ephedrine), caffeine, and aspirin. Numerous studies have shown that these additional ingredients helped the ephedrine to be even more effective than it would be on its own.


To this end, Ultimate Burn does include a full 300mg of caffeine anhydrous, which is thought to be one of the most effective forms of supplemental caffeine available today. They also include green tea extract, which works in a similar fashion, but along a different pathway to enhance the effectiveness. This should also serve to not only kick start the metabolism but also to boost energy and even mental concentration.

The Ultimate Burn product includes Acacia Rigidula, which is a natural compound that contains a number of different alkaloids capable of raising levels of the hormone norepinephrine (adrenaline). These are, in fact, quite similar to what has been found in ephedra and possess a number of the same properties. This is why it makes an excellent substitute for ephedrine, capable of increasing your metabolic rate through stimulation of the thyroid gland and the conversion of fats into heat. This is really a very unique compound.

Bitter orange, or synephrine is also included with this supplement. It acts as a well-known bronchodilator and is generally considered (although not nearly as effective) as a decent replacement for ephedrine. It is thought to increase the metabolic rate without affecting the heart rate or blood pressure. The idea here is that it is a stimulant without the negative side effects. It should also help to protect against the breakdown of muscle tissue, allowing for an improvement in physical performance.

There are even several additional substitutes for ephedrine included in Ultimate Burn Ephedra. Methylsynephrine HCL, for one. This seems to be the current standard, highly regarded as the ‘best’ ephedrine substitute on the market today. In terms of its biological and physiological make-up this compound is the closest to ephedrine that science has been able to duplicate. Many of the alkaloids present in this are capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier and stimulating the central nervous system in ways very similar to ephedrine. This also leads to many of the effects occurring much faster than with other supplements.

This product includes something known as hydroxycitric acid (HCA). The main function of this ingredient is to help delay the rise of post-meal blood glucose levels. This actually reduces insulin output and also keeps insulin spikes in check. This also means better overall ability to grow and repair muscle and a decreased tendency to store fat, rather than burn it off.

Ultimate Burn Effects & Results

ultimate burn reviewAll of these ingredients lead to a number of beneficial effects for both men and women who need to cut weight. For starters, your metabolism will be increased. There has already been plenty mentioned above to show a number of different ways in this effect occurs. Ultimately, they all will work together in order to enable your body to not only burn more calories, but burn more fat calories, while protecting muscle tissue from the same type of breakdown and elimination. Remember that the main thing to be concerned about when dieting is the loss of fat.

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I was wondering...how effective is this stack for actually losing weight? What kind
of ... Im not sure taking it only once per day will do much?

You will also see an increase in your energy levels when taking Ultimate Burn supplements. This is a natural product of the stimulation of your nervous system. It should also help to provide motivation to actually get in the gym. Once there, many users find it easy to actually workout more intensely and for longer periods of time. The nervous system stimulation also may lead to increased level of concentration and focus. There is even some evidence suggesting that it may help to improve overall mood.

Your appetite will be suppressed. Some of the ingredients included in this supplement actually help by blocking different messages and nervous signals that would ordinarily be sent between the brain and the stomach. These would, under normal circumstances, lead to feelings of hunger and even food cravings. Most dieters have likely experienced this at some point during their weight loss journey. How would it feel to sit at the table at not actually be hungry? This can happen with Ultimate Burn.

Review Conclusion

The bottom line is that Ultimate Burn with Ephedra can be a very effective fat-burning and weight loss product. It is not the same as the original ephedra-based supplements, but the new additional ingredients seem to make up for a lot of the lost effectiveness. This is definitely something that should be tried, even if you are simply curious to determine how well it might work for you. As with any new supplement, make sure to run this addition by your doctor before you buy Ultimate Burn online. Also, make sure to begin with the lowest effective dose and then only increase in a very carefully, controlled, and slow manner. This can guard against any possible side effects like anxiety, nervousness, headaches, intestinal issues, rapid heart rate, and increased blood pressure, to name a few.



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