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Overcoming “Camera Shy” Syndrome

I feel really uncomfortable being in front of the camera. Period. The truth is – we all have insecurities about our appearance, and the camera does not lie. It can be a mean and agonizing process – exposing that massive mountain of a pimple that decided to show up on our forehead , or sometimes – we’re just too damn shy and hate the attention. Whatever the case may be, it can be quite the challenge to pose for the camera without feeling like we’re trying way too hard to look “good”.

Here’s a few of my own personal remedies to over come the infamous C.S syndrome, feel great and look like a natural in your photos.

1. Let go of all your insecurities and inhibitions. Take a deep breath, do a little dance, or anything that will help you relax. Remember that being shy and insecure is ALL in your head. A good photographer will guide you and let you know exactly what you need to do to look great in your photos. Trust them, don’t over think things and have fun! If being comfortable in front of the camera is a challenge for you – there’s no harm in taking pictures of yourself and figuring out what angles, lighting makes you look/feel good. After doing this – bring this to the attention of your photographer. There’s no harm in letting your photographer know what you’re comfortable doing and not doing. Check out this video from make up youtube guru on taking great “selfies” – Michelle Phan!

2. When it comes to engagement shoots or your formal wedding shoot – I always tell couples to focus and interact with each other. Focussing on your significant other (rather than that weirdo behind the camera) will help you relax – and also makes for great candid, natural looking shots. Make your partner laugh, tell jokes , give them a tickle – act like how you would normally would act around each other.


3. For solo shoots – if you’re uncomfortable looking right at the camera, look beyond the photographer’s shoulder or the top of their head (unless otherwise directed to). This exercise helps to build your confidence when it finally comes time to looking right into the camera with out the “deer in headlights” look. Your face will start to relax, and eventually start to feel (& look) natural. It always helps to bring a good friend to your shoot too if you need someone there to help you relax. I always like to have a close friend of the person I’m shooting stand behind me so that they can coax them behind the scenes while I’m taking snaps of them.


3. For full body shots, I always tell men to either have one hand in their pant pocket, cross their arms, or both hands in their pant pocket. Dangling arms on both sides of your body can sometimes make you look rigid – so it helps to start with poses that feel casual. For women, I always suggest crossing one leg over the other when standing, and the arms will follow. This helps to elongate and slim down your body in pictures. Wearing heels is always a plus if you’re looking to look long & lean on camera. Facing your photographer, standing at a 45 degree angle from your photographer also helps to make the pose feel less head on and awkward.

4. Laugh. Out. Loud. It seems crazy – but its the best way to get the most natural smile on camera.


5. Try to avoid tilting your head up when it comes to looking straight into the camera. Tilting your head up tends to make your neck and face structure disappear. By bringing your chin down, you’ve slimmed out your face and managed to make a “head on” pose look more natural, and confident. If all else fails – blue steel is always a win.


6. For engagement shoots & life style shoots – I always always encourage to wear something that will make you feel sexy, cool & confident. Try to stay away from neon colours when it comes to clothing (especially green or magenta) as they can cast a really unflattering light on skin tones. Bold and strong colours always work great in an indoor or city landscape environment. If you will be having your photo shoot outside with lots of nature – neutral and soft colours work really well on camera.

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Lastly, having pictures taken by a professional photographer should be a fun experience. Try not to take it TOO seriously and enjoy the process. Chances are – the more comfortable you become and get over the awkwardness – you’ll end up with some fantastic images of yourself. Feel free to leave comments or any questions below about this topic – I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you!


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