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Retraining to become a lecturer

Retraining to become a lecturer

Retraining to become a lecturer is a very challenging move, but not by any means an impossible one, even if you think you lack the traditional academic background. The rules have changed and what’s more the need is high and growing by the year.


It’s no secret that up and down the country in schools and colleges of higher education, there’s a shortage of lecturers and teachers.

The good news is that becoming a lecturer is not only open to professionals but to all skilled people who may not have thought of themselves as lecturer material. Naturally, retraining to become a lecturer is a very challenging move, but not by any means an impossible one. What’s more, the need is high and growing by the year.

Indeed, so critical has the situation become that the government is urging professional, skilled people from all disciplines to retrain as teachers. This is partly to solve the problem and partly to encourage those who’ve become redundant during the recession to switch careers. Colleges themselves are also willing to fund or part fund the cost of someone with the right aptitude to retrain as a lecturer.

So, if you think you have the right stuff, have an interest in imparting knowledge and guiding and mentoring people, no matter what background you’ve worked in, then retraining to become a teacher or lecturer could be a tremendously fulfilling career move.

On the schools front, the Government has initiated a new fast track training scheme which will cut the minimum time it takes to become a qualified teacher from a year to six months. High-fliers could become headmasters within four years. Since the move, there has been a sharp increase in the number of people interested in retraining as teachers.

One particular area for example has been a boom in former City workers applying to become maths or science teachers - areas in which there has traditionally been a shortage of qualified staff. This interest in becoming teachers looks set to continue as thousands of highly talented individuals in this country consider their next move. Teaching offers something both rewarding and with good prospects to those who, whilst not being formally skilled have other demonstrable skills such as resilience, empathy and a gift for communication.

When it comes to retraining to become a lecturer many university departments are willing to hire someone who has had years of experience in other fields and only come to teaching later on. This is very common in Further Education where attitudes are changing towards those who have the right aptitude, but who have perhaps a less than perfect academic record.

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modules organise their own study time, which can be a difficult skill to master.

 For people entering academia after years in another profession, it can be daunting learning how to sell yourself as an academic in formal interviews.

But there is often plenty of support and guidance for those who are entering the profession. If you are considering changing your career and retraining as a lecturer, the autonomy is very attractive and there is the opportunity to collaborate with other academics and manage your time and make your own decisions.


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