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MRT Crush is a new website that allows you to share your, well, MRT crushes. ¶ March 13

A new website recently emerged in Singapore: MRT Crush. Ever came across situations where you have a small crush on that guy or girl who was on the same train ride home with you? MRT Crush allows users to submit photos of their MRT crushes.

As Coconuts Singapore puts it, MRT Crush is a voyeur site, no one in these photos are posing and chances are they have no clue they’re being eyeballed.

The creators of the site are not worried if they will get into trouble, as they wrote on the site, “if you are featured here, it probably means someone has admired your hotness and have submitted your pictures. Wear it like a bad of honor. Some people walk on the streets everyday without anyone’s acknowledgement. Last I hear, it wasn’t a crime to take a photo of someone because he/she is hot (sic)“.

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Currently there are several listings on the site as commuters are free to submit photos to the relatively new website. Of course, if any of the photos are inappropriate or if you happen to be listed, you can also request for the photos to be taken down.

Interesting? Apparently so: MRT Crush has garnered over 1000 likes on its Facebook page shortly after launch, and was also featured on one of Singapore’s main magazine 8 Days:

Consider MRT Crush the lovechild of citizen journalism and good ol’, um, perving. Stealth snaps of everyone from the dapper dudes of Raffles Place to the brawny boys of Bishan – in other words, any guy on the MRT worth a second look – can be found here, courtesy of eagle-eyed commuters. One thing to remember as you scroll through these shots: Sometimes, old adages ring true. Beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder.” – 8 Days.

So, the next time you have a tiny crush on that someone on your way home, snap a photo of him or her and submit onto MRT crush. Who knows, you might just get connected to person through the website!

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