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[Mal'Ganis] Vigil is looking for a few good casters for RBGs ¶ June 27

Posted 10 August 2011 - 07:25 PM

We're opening our doors for a few exceptional casters for RBGs, specifically, Warlocks, Mages, and Moonkins.

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For a while now we've been using an awkward melee composition due to our hesitancy to look for talent that wasn't already in the guild. In the upcoming weeks, we're looking to change this.

We're the shattered remnants of Death and Taxes and Aurora, the two premiere guilds during Vanilla and TBC. Our guild has a mature atmosphere, with the median age of our raiders being around 24. We've accomplished quite a bit in PvE, and outside of our main raid, we have several 10mans that can clear nearly all of (H) Firelands. Provided you are able to dodge fire, you could easily be incorporated into one of these runs.

A few of us are also avowed masochists who enjoy PvP as well. We schedule RBGs once a week during progression (Saturdays 7:30 EST), and twice a week after progression is over.

We’re looking for players who are experienced, dedicated, creative and intelligent. The ability to make nearly all of our RBG times, participate in strategy discussions, and a stable connection are musts. You should know everything about the class you play, including how to get every ounce of performance out of your character. You should understand the theorycraft behind your class. There are tiny nuances to every class that separate the good players from the great. We're only interested in the latter. If you're a Warlock, you'd better be able to speak Demonic in real life. You should be absolutely confident you are among the best, but at the same time you should conduct yourself with modesty. Conceit has a nasty way of needlessly spoiling even the finest players. Do not be arrogant, there is no danger that real talent will be overlooked in Vigil.

If you're interested or have any questions, send a tell to Perls, or Itchyy on US Mal'Ganis (Horde).

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