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Have a hot date for Valentine's Day tonight and can't figure out what you want to wear? Take some inspiration from our favorite celebrity couples. Whether you're planning on a quiet night at home, a casual evening at the movies, or an all-out five-star dinner, here's (hopefully) something for whatever's on your agenda.

Vanessa Hudgens and beau Austin Butler are so adorable together—and their styles, both just-this-side-of-dressy, totally complement each other. If you're living in one of the colder parts of the country this Valentine's Day, a fluffy, cozy, faux-fur leopard jacket is both a cute and warm idea.

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stiletto nights at the Carlyle. Out west, we do picnics, dive bars, ...


Beyonce and Jay Z have to be one of our favorite celebrity couples of all time. We love the adorable red flannel and pom-pom ear beanie that Queen Bey wore to a basketball game with her man last week. Adding a bit of red into any outfit—no matter how casual—will instantly make it feel more holiday-appropriate.


Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are one of Hollywood's It couples of the moment—and there's no question they've got style in spades. If you have a super-sexy slit-up-to-there vampy black dress like Heard's, tonight's the night to pull it out of the depths of your closet!


Ellen Degeneres and Porta de Rossi look gorgeous together on the red carpet. Take a tip from the duo and consider tailored looks for Valentine's Day—structured suits and dresses are flattering, easy to wear, and dressy without veering too far into formal wear.


If you're looking for a super-romantic look for tonight, consider pulling a Jessica Biel and wearing a diaphanous silky dress in a subdued but bold color. We extra-love the bare shoulder detail.


But remember, just because you choose to wear a dress tonight doesn't mean it has to be super dressy. Check out how Behati Prinsloo dresses down her black-and-white look—with soft, beachy waves and a motorcycle jacket slung casually over her shoulders—on a night out with fiance Adam Levine.


Of course, there's always room for a more traditional date—when he wears a suit and you wear a classic LBD, like Gwen Stefani is here, going to a wedding with hubby Gavin Rossdale:


But if your date involves going to see a sports game or doing something active, don't be afraid to dress down—and wear cute jeans and a tee, like model Chanel Iman on a night out with her beau A$AP Rocky.


If you're staying in or heading to grab takeout or watch a movie with your partner, you can still look cute, even if you wear a sweatshirt! Check out Emily Blunt's sexy off-the-shoulder look, out and about during the day with John Krasinski.


OK, I sort of saved my favorite outfit idea for last here—I love love love Emma Stone's slouchy suit-with-red-pumps outfit here (with her man, Andrew Garfield). The hair and the suit say I'm cool and confident, but the red pumps are a super-sexy twist.


Which celebrity date-night outfit do you like best? Do you have any exciting plans for tonight? Tell us what you're up to and what you're planning on wearing in the comments below!

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