Willing To Be

Lactation Partners ¶ March 14

When I gave birth to my son 4 1/2 weeks early I did not realize what an uphill battle breastfeeding would be. Judy Teibloom-Mishkin came over within two hours of our arriving home with our baby and helped us get started. She was incredibly supportive, hands-on, and non-judgmental, reassuring me that it was okay if it didn't all work out magically overnight, which it didn't. I encountered every problem in the book over the course of the next couple of months, and Judy stayed in touch with me throughout. She checked in regularly, every day even, and was always available by email, text, or phone when I needed her. She was also available to come over within 24 hours, sometimes less than that, when I really needed her help with something. When I needed to get treated for a variety of issues, Judy presented all the options, natural treatments first and then medicinal, which I truly appreciated.

At about 2 months into the process, when I still felt like things were not going well and I was experiencing a lot of pain when nursing, Judy suggested taking my baby to a craniosacral therapist to help him nurse more comfortably. I had never heard of this kind of treatment but was open to trying just about anything. Within one session, he started to nurse exclusively (we followed it up with two more sessions and he's doing great). Without Judy's tireless effort to help me get on track breastfeeding, I would've never thought to try CST. My pediatrician wouldn't have suggested it, since when I mentioned it at my baby's 2 month appointment he looked at me like I was a little crazy. Basically, I would not be breastfeeding my baby anymore if it weren't for Judy. She was invaluable to our success. I highly recommend working with her.


Become handsome and smart by removing acne from your face ¶ May 7

Treatment of acne is depends upon the type of acne. Some acne is mild and some are very dark. So if you want to acne treatment first of all you should know that which kind of your acne and then take advise form the doctor.

Alpha Dog, Pack Leader, and YOU! ¶ April 4

I get phone calls, sometimes 5 a week, from owners who want to surrender their dog. Usually, it’s because the dog is showing serious signs of aggression, sometimes toward children or other dogs.

Baka-Raptor ¶ May 13

Is Kamina GAR? Quick, name a GAR character. Did you say Kamina? Why not Guts, Kenshiro, or Golgo 13? Why is it Kamina’s name that’s synonymous with GAR? I asked the OH!