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Katrina Kaif goes an extra mile for Dhoom 3 ¶ March 14

To do some never-seen-before aerial-stunts in the upcoming Dhoom 3, Katrina Kaif spared some time from her busy schedule to work towards achieving a celluloid perfect cum physically strong body for the action entertainer, that sees her step out of her comfort zone and perform acrobats that only professionals could pull off. Kat took to functional training under the guidance of Reza and even trained in pilates with Yasmin Karachiwala, which involves control, flow and concentration to develop a strong core to perform the kind of stunts the film required for over a year, including aerial acrobats for which she trained with professionals from London.

A source close to Katrina reveals, “Katrina has worked extremely hard on her body for Dhoom 3 and the results are for all to see. Over a year of pilates, functional training and an intense course in Aerial Straps work have challenged her limits in terms of the kind of stunts and action she has performed in the film. While expert acrobats are trained in doing Aerial stunts, Katrina managed to do them and still look flawless because of the kind of work she has put into it.” A rejoiced Katrina sheds light on the endeavor she has put in. “The rehearsals for the acrobatics would take place at a height of about 10 ft but we shot the scenes at a height of 25 ft with a crash mat below. I’ve never considered myself an athletic person and there was a significant amount of fear but this was a once-in-a-life-style opportunity for me to work with famous circus acrobats,” she concludes.

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Teaching Chinese in Canada ¶ August 31

The full question I got from a student was: “I really want to go aboard to teach foreigners Chinese, however, I heard that there are too many Chinese teacher but not that much foreign students.