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Itemization: ADC ¶ June 2

Itemization: ADC

Sun 31st Aug 2014 - 12:17pm Category: League of Legends

Itemization on ranged adcs have always had the same goal, get to late game and rock those who stand before you. The items you look to buy are for damage are simple and to the point, depending on your kit. But where itemization is crucial is utility and survivability. For burst champions, bloodthirster, Essence Reaver, and a Youmuu's Ghostblade. While steady auto-attacked based champions can utilize a early bloodthirster and Phantom Dancer, most of them want to get to infinity edge and last whisper as soon as possible. Last but not least we have poke champions who excel at keeping enemys at bay and they can do this with a Trinity force, Infinity Edge, and an Essence Reaver. These are all situational as well as the items for survivability.

Poke Champions

Champions like Ezreal, Varus, Corki, Lucian, and Kog'Maw really love to rush items like a Trinity Force to keep the poke up. Sheen and Trinity force adds a lot of utility to their kit to help them keep their damage up. Follow it up with a Essence Reaver to keep their mana up, as well as extra damage and cooldown reduction. Here you can either follow up with Infinity edge or last whisper, champions like Kog'Maw and Varus you can switch out a Trinity force for Phantom dancer or blade of the ruined king and still do adequate damage, it's a different play style but good for when they are tank heavy or you need to kite.

Corki is really the only exception to this builds, his kit works a bit different then other adcs, in which he does a lot of magic damage but syncs well with his attack damage. Trinity force is Corkis main item, and following it up with Sorcerer's Shoes since he benefits off magic pen more then Armor pen. After that rush in Infinity Edge for more damage into either a last whisper or if you need to kite Liandrys Torment. If you still need damage or survivability get Essence Reaver or a Bloodthirster.

Burst Champions.

These champions are the kings of the laning phase, getting too close to these champions or making a mistake around them can push you out of lane or cost you a death. Graves, Lucians, Miss fortune will dominate early game and laning phase. Their core items are Bloodthirster, Essncse Reaver, and Youmuu's Ghostblade these items give the damage you need and the cooldown reduction you need to keep the burst up and the ability to out damage a lot of other carries. Getting a Last whisper after this is highly optimal to keep your damage into late game, after that an if you feel like you can survive, get an Guardians Angel or an Infinity Edge for more damage. These champions main goal is to get the items they need win their lane and control drag and mid as much as possible. Fairly easy to play, but easily outplayed if done incorrectly on trades and engagements.

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Steady Damage Champions

These champions ability to kite and melting the enemy with their constant barrage of auto attacks is what makes them dominate in the game. Caitlyn, Sivir, Ashe, Draven, Jinx, kog maw, Tristana, twitch, and Vayne. These carry’s really benefit off of heavy damage and attack speed early on, items like Bloodthirster and Phantom dancer or Static shiv will keep you relevant and the main target of your team. Infinity Edge is a must late game to give you optimal damage and knocking chunks off the enemeys. After that of course last whisper for damage, here I personally like going Randuin Omen for the health and slow to keep kiting and survivability.

Again I have to make a separate section for a few champions. Vayne, Twitch and Kog maw can actually benefit from early attack speed because of the how their ability's shred and proc. Blade of the ruined king is best among this champions as a early item, it give you damage, attack speed, and lifesteal as well as a active that steals movement speed and helps you kite and stick to targets. Youmuu's ghost blade and bloodthirster are perfect as well since how they give you damage and sustain, after that you can go your staple attack speed build.


Ranged carries are one of most focused and easily killed fairly quickly. Some items are really good on carries, yet they may seem strange, for instance Randuin's Omen will give you great survivability as well as an active that can assist you in kiting and escaping. Guardian's Angel is perfect for almost all squishy champions and adcs alike. Banshee's veil and Frozen mallet are also good defensive items but are very situational, as are Zephyr and Warmogs. Their main survivability aspect for adc is positioning and teamwork, but these items give you and your team more time to work on that.

These items are always situational so build acordingly and keep your self alive and benificial. Keep in mind that the best tool a ADC can use is positioning and teamwork, I've seen too many ADC's overextend and get caught out. Don’t be the front line, that’s not your job. Next Itemization I will be doing is on the jungle then mid.


Itemization: ADC ¶ June 2

Itemization: ADC Sun 31st Aug 2014 - 12:17pm Category: League of Legends Itemization on ranged adcs have always had the same goal, get to late game and rock those who stand before you.