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How To Join QNET As A Retail Customer First: PART 2 ¶ March 12

In part 1 of this post I showed how easy it is to make a purchase in QNET as a retail customer. A retail customer is someone who is only interested in owning a product. They may not be interested in running their own business. This post shows how that retail customer can join the business when it feels right for them. For the purpose for clarity, I'll assume that you are that retailer.

After several months of using your product you will get the urge to talk about it to your friends and acquiescence.  It is inevitable, after all its only human nature to refer others to products we enjoy using. Remember, QNET offers you the opportunity to get compensation for this basic human act, so think about registering into the business first to earn your compensation if your friends do wish to buy their own product. Just head on over to the official QNET website and register  as an IR today.

You will not need to purchase a product, unless you want to, as you already own one. You will need to register and that costs US$ 30. You take almost the same process as before. Head on over to my website, select your country of residence, confirm the referrer, fill in your personal details and shipping address, confirm your IR's No., their Tracking Center Extension No. and placement details. Select your Starter Kit option, then your Payment option, confirm your credit card details and print out your receipt.

In QNET, you can start out first as a retail customer, only interested in owning the product, and through it's use, people may start approaching you to ask about it. You may then see a potential to earn lucrative commissions because the people you talk to also want to own that product too. If this happens to you, Register first as an IR today before selling any product you own to others through the QNET eStore and start earning commissions.

Although we IR's are encouraged by our upline's to sell customers to the idea of joining the business first before buying a product for the obvious benefits that the product will be bought at a special discounted IR price and also that any future referral we make will help them too, it is not the only way to join the QNET family. We IR's earn commissions from retail customers too. This concludes part two of this post. I appreciate any comment or feedback you have and ask that you share it by leaving a comment below.


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