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How to Dress Emo, Scene, or Punk when You're Overweight ¶ March 14

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It seems like these days, to look good, you have to be stick thin. Looking good can be especially challenging when you're trying to pull off something a little different, such as a grungy style.



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    Understand that being full figured does not mean you can't be cute or sexy or that you have to cover your whole body. Guys will never be attracted to a girl that's constantly hiding herself instead of embracing her size. And girls are more inclined to ignore a guy who is ashamed of his.


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    Determine your own body shape. The two main shapes in overweight people is the classic apple shape (where you are most large around your stomach) or the pear shape (where your hips, thighs, and butt are bigger).
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    Remember the most important part of dressing well when you are full figured is shape not size! By creating a great shape, your size will become secondary.
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    Black is your best friend, this is because it will look good on any skin tone. Invest in black pants, shirt, skirt, etc.
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    Avoid wearing clothes that do not fit you. Yes, it is 'cool' to squeeze into a size Extra Small band t-shirt, or you might want to hide your tummy, but you'll just end up looking like a try hard blob, and people smaller and bigger than you won't find any clothes in their size since you've bought them all! Wearing circulation cutting clothes will make any fat you have more apparent, and wearing anything enormous will make you look like you have no figure and can add 20 pounds. Stop it now.
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    If you have a big stomach, long shirts will look great on you. This is because the width of your torso will become more balanced with the length of your torso, making you look leaner. Vests are also great! Maxi tops which flow over your middle make you appear slimmer.
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    Another great tip is to wear the same, or similar colors on top as on bottom. What this will do is not have a huge contrast between what is your stomach and what is your butt, or hips, or anything.
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    For bigger hips or butt, a ballet skirt or as skirt with ruffles is not only very scene but also very flattering.
  9. 9

    Bridget Jones style underwear- it can hide any lumps and bumps for tighter styles.
  10. 10

    Skinny jeans are not only for skinny people! They are very popular and may suit you especially if your tall. If you have chunky thighs don't be afraid, slip on a tunic and there you go.
  11. 11

    On the topic of jeans, look for ones which are faded down the center of the legs. This will draw the eye down, rather than across, making your legs look more slender. Also look for pockets that sit properly on your butt, they will make your booty the envy of all your flat friends!
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    If you have fat arms don't shy away from tank tops. If you feel you must cover up open jackets in winter can look great. Remember that wearing a darker shirt underneath will also have a slimming effect. If you're male, fitted hoodies are a stylish choice, and try to look for longer ones. If you're female, zip up hoodies are usually more flattering. Do not buy the ones with pockets at the front! They will add an extra layer to your stomach! If you do get one with pockets, try to get one where the pockets are low down on your body.
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    For girls,you can look great in a cropped jacket. Not only will this cover up any arm action, but it will add volume to the upper half of your torso, making your boobs seem smaller. Try to wear one that hugs your curvy body. Don't get a size bigger. It adds extra pounds and is not sexy.
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    Belts belts belts! The pyramid belt is an absolute must for an aspiring emo or punk. However, just because your jeans have that space for a belt around the top does not mean you should use it!!! If you have a big stomach, wear your belt lower. Make sure your shirt goes over the top of your pants and wear your belt just under your shirt. Never wear your belt higher than the bottom of your shirt, because it will add extra bulk and no one will even see it. You can get these belts in various colors. Try black if you're wearing something dark. Scene kids usually wear white ones, though.
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    Wear a belt under the bust if you have a large stomach, or a belt around your waist if you have big hips can do wonders. Look for a big black one.
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    Did you know that your hair can make you look slimmer? It can! Unless it's your dream to sport a Mohawk, try growing your hair a bit longer. For men, emo hair is usually quite shaggy anyway, if you have a round face, add lots of volume on top and spike it, and don't forget to keep your fringe long around the sides of your face. This will look very stylish. For girls, extensions are very now, and long hair can add some extra flair.
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    Beads are extremely scene. Opt for bright colors as they will draw attention away from any excess fat. Long beads will again, draw a vertical line down your figure. If you have a short necklace that you really can't part with, then either wear it as well as long beads or get it altered.
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    Shoes are very important to this type of people. Shoes can make or break you, so listen up. Converse shoes are widely excepted, as well as Vans, Rabens, DCs, etc. For girls, do not wear any of these shoes if you're planning on wearing a skirt! Always go for ballet flats or heels. Your legs will look longer in comparison, and you can get them in leopard print and other designs that are also trendy. Another thing to note is that white shoes will make your legs look slimmer (unless you're African). They will make your leg color seem darker, and therefore skinnier.
  19. 19

    Black stockings can do wonders. They will make your legs look slimmer.
  20. 20

    Add long earrings. For girls these can slim down your face. Load up on ones with lightning bolts and stars.
  21. 21

    Make up can slim down your face! Try YouTube for some tips.


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  • Thin or tight clothing can sometimes make you look bigger as it may either cling, or not cling at all.
  • If it's not comfortable, don't wear it!
  • Just because you dress a certain way doesn't mean you have to become depressed or rebellious! If that's what you want then that's fine, but don't try to change who you are.
  • Try to create your own style. If everyone's wearing something that you just look 9 months pregnant in, don't wear it.
  • Don't change yourself instantly. Do it over time so you wont be called a poser. Make sure its you and make sure your comfy. And people will say stuff but remember you didn't dress yourself to impress them you dressed yourself that way because it was you.
  • You don't need to spend a fortune to look great. Try some op shops, they have a lot of things you can alter and personalize yourself to make them unique.
  • Also remember that you should try to be as healthy as possible. You might look a little slimmer but that doesn't mean you should go and eat 10 boxes of chocolates! Your health should be your primary concern.


  • If people do try to hurt your feelings then just ignore them, they're more likely to stop.
  • Obviously, a lot of people might try to insult you for your change. If you make it gradual and don't go overboard, you should be fine.


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