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How to become Gigolo? ¶ July 10

Mr. Moderators, I do not know whether this is the right place to open this thread, please advise.

Anyway, after so long in the cheonging scene, I would like a change now and would want to be a gigolo instead. Any bro got any idea how can I get started or who to look for?

In the west, where the culture is more liberal, women paying for sexual services from men are acceptable. While rich women purchasing the social company of young men, as we have seen in the film "American Gigolo" are seldom discussed , it is quite normal in the west. It is also normal to see white women in the company of the local "beach boys" at holiday destinations such as Bali and Phuket (read: Are all Bali beach boys gigolo’s ?). We have also read the news last year about the BMW heiress blackmailed by a gigolo.

However the trend is growing among Asian women to pay for masculine entertainment. In Japan, host clubs (clubs where male GROs entertain rich female customers) have started operating in Tokyo since the mid 60s. Within 30 years, there were already 200 such clubs in Tokyo. This shows the growing demand for gigolos or "male hosts" among rich Japanese women.

This trend is currently apparent in Singapore with Toy boy clubs or Tai Tai clubs mushrooming in the republic. Rich men's wives, mistresses and professional women are seen to be willing to pay highly for carnal entertainment with young studs.
Last year there was a news article confirming that there is a demand by Malaysian women for gigolos. According to the article, there is already a growing underground industry where Malaysian women are willing to pay big bucks for the right man in bed.

A Kuala Lumpur gigolo calling himself Ding Dong John is taking advantage of this trend. In his name card he lists his services and charges. Doing a simple calculation, a woman has to pay almost RM500 per hour with Ding Dong John. His business card says "Spinsters satisfied. Virgins treated gently" and he gives group discounts as well.

Gigolos or male prostitutes, sometimes more politely referred to as male social escorts have always attracted interest from males more than females, the reason: why not get paid for doing what they like doing ?. However, there is a misconception that gigolos only provide sexual services. There is a huge disparity between people's conception and the realities of making it in this "profession".

The money is good but it is not easy to succeed in the profession. The basic qualifications are good looks and an extraordinary personality - you must be attractive, charming , suave and have excellent communication skills. Gigolos at the "higher bracket" have "advanced level" skills such as the ability to make their clients (mainly old ugly rich women) feel good about themselves and they most also be willing to be at the beck and call of these clients - in other words, they must be willing to swallow their pride and be a sex baruah (a male sexual lackey). Asking for contact openly is NOT advisable. Please use PM - 小蕉™ŠŽ


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