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How to Become Famous on DA ¶ August 4

This is a compilation of relatively easy steps to not only become "popular" but more importantly, become a sort of "asset" to DA. Inspire and encourage your fellow artists; SPREAD THE LOVE!

   Many artists start their Devious Journey with the mindset that they will acquire Internet Fame.

   Usually in the form of:
      1. Thousands of adoring fans
      2. Turning a profit from your hobby

  My (let's call it) "Tutorial" will not show you how to con or manipulate people. I will simply show you how, with perseverance and kindness, you can attain valuable friends, an understanding of yourself(and your art), and irreplaceable golden memories!

  Seem too good to be TRUE? Nonsense! All this is within each of our grasps.

  It may take longer for some than others, but one can not achieve success without a little elbow grease.

          Without further ado let us begin!


  This sounds pretty simple right? Many artists struggle with this at one or another though.

  Everyone has to start somewhere! So your not as good as #clap-san or Picasso? Never fear!
    Believe it or not even the Greats began their artistic journey at level one.

   Why are they so much better than me?
        Perhaps they started their artistic medium earlier in life! Maybe they had a natural knack for it. The possibilities are endless!
Does that mean you can never become such a great artist?
Of course not! Everyone can achieve greatness!

   I've been trying for months and I cannot see any improvement!
        Don't fret! Look up tutorials, try a new style or process! Do you usually work at night? Why not try it early morning or afternoon? Why not?

Being the best artist around isn't necessary per se. As long as you practice bettering yourself and your art. Your efforts will be noticed and appreciated! (Honest!)

We all need to come to terms with our current artist ability, realize we may not be where we want to be. But we can and will improve. Instead of constantly denouncing your talent.


You've worked hard to get where you are now!

Remember that while you continue to reach for the stars!
(Believe me they are easier to catch with a smile on your face and love in your heart.)


There are of course exceptions to this!
-You are not speaking your native language.
---You have a learning disability.

All the DA community asks is that you try your best! :D

Being polite and using the best grammar you can is essential.

People with respect and honor your opinions more highly.


"My goodness, this is a delightful piece! It is easy to see that you worked hard to produce this masterpiece. Bravo!"

Honestly which one would you be happier:
Responding to
Discussing further topics with the commentor?

People will appreciate that you took the time to convey your thoughts in a thoughtful manner.

They will most likely want to speak with you more, and are more likely to be interested in your art (subconsciously) because of your delightful personality.


   You have become comfortable navigating the website. Submitted many artworks, and showed enthusiasm and improvement. Yet you have little to no support?

Perhaps you have been so busy sitting on the sidelines, that you forgot you were only watching the show!

There are millions of people like you! They yearn for support and acceptance.

Why not go to them?

There are thousands of new accounts added daily--Greet them!

Hit that random deviant button and "spread the love"!
-You may find that the R.D. has a fantastic gallery, just the kind of art/characters you are drawn to!

-On the other hand, maybe a particular R.D. doesn't adhere to the above example.

Does not matter! Spread the love anyway!

Even if you do not like their work, you can appreciate their hard work.

Introduce yourself, say hello, and offer your support!
(whether it be in the form of critiquing art, or answering questions)

Then proceed to their gallery. Find a couple pictures that catch your eye, and leave thoughtful comments on them!
(Don't be afraid to Fav either!)

How many times must I do this?
TONS! Seriously, the more you do this, the better.

And why wouldn't you want to do it as much as possible? You are making someones day! Spreading joy to the far reaches of the globe without even leaving your home!

Some deviants may not return the favor. They may be too busy with their lives, or have personal hangups.

But many more deviants will be grateful, and will want to have you as a friend so that you can further support and encourage each other!

(P.S. While many artists do love LONG comments, if you are able to convey your feelings thoroughly with a couple sentences, then good for you! Quality not quantity.)

You can also feature fellow artists in news articles and in your journal or on your profile! (It will show them that you care, and show others that you support fellow artists endeavours.)


Join groups based on your interests, and do your best to become active members in them!

1. Offer to help judge results, or even contribute prizes to a contest.
----Can be anything from points to a feature in your journal! Group administrators and contestants (as well as fellow members) will be grateful. Your efforts to encourage and support members will not be forgotten.

2. Comment on the galleries and artworks within! (Same concept as "Get In The Game" but you will be more likely to come across art that tickles your fancy!)

3. Don't be afraid to tell them how much you enjoy the group and appreciate administrators hard work!
---Not only will that show the administrators that you care. It will show fellow members how kind and thoughtful you are!


We all forget this in one way or another.

People make mistakes, they misconstrue their ideas, and we misinterpret their intentions.

It happens! Don't be afraid to give people a second chance.

And just because something seems obvious does not mean it is to everyone (especially the artist).

You may find a popular/old piece of art. Figure everything that needs to be said, has been said. Fav and run!

Woah there! Just because the work has lots of favs, doesn't mean the artist truly understands how great their art is!
----Let me explain:

Let us say your most popular piece has 60favs and 4comments (2 of which are not from yourself).
-Wouldn't you like for people to tell you why they like the piece?
-Wouldn't you like to be assured that the favs come from the heart, and not just from people who fav EVERYTHING they see, regardless of whether they like it or not.
-Wouldn't you like affirmation that you HAVE been improving?

Not only that, but it also shows you care!

Everyone who happens upon that same masterpiece will notice you. And may even read and reply to your comment!


Yes, it is as simple as all of that.

Just by showing support and being a kind/generous individual, you can become a respectable and sought after DA Member!

You will gain:

All you have to do is give Respect, Acknowledgement, Support, and Friendship to others!

I never realized it could be so simple...

That is not surprising in the least! I think many deviants become overwhelmed. "DA Fame" is like a elusive (exclusive) dream to them.

They forget that "We Are All Human", and though at times each of us may feel alone. There are thousands of people who feel the same way we do, have the same thoughts, and have been through the same endeavors.

We all just need to support each other!

Hate often seems to outshine LOVE. But that is only because people tend to focus on the negatives in life.

Our dreams are attainable!

Love/Happiness is incredibly easy to share and spread!

All you have to do is start with a simple kind gesture :D

Before you know it, a wave has started, and there's no stopping it! :D Wouldn't we all like to be in that place?
(We can make it happen)

"Spread the Love" and NEVER stop reaching for the STARS

I hope this "tutorial" was informative and helpful to you!
I worked very hard on it, and I feel as though I was able to express my thoughts successfully!

Good Day and Good Night!


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