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How to become an umbrella girl..?! ¶ March 13

Taking looks out of this and assuming you're qualified..

FIRST, I suggest you post a photo of yourself in an outfit (or two) that you think would be appropriate to "umbrella" in. You should be holding one of the big umbrellas that are typically used. If you don't have a proper moto brand umbrella, a golf umbrella would probably be sufficient for this part. The reason being, that if you aren't comfortable enough to post yourself on here in skimpy clothing, then you're wasting your time. Laguna will have 30,000+ attendees. Most will want pictures with you or will be whistling or yelling at you.

Keep in mind, BARF is a forum with over 10,000 users. Posting a photo of you sitting down with jeans and a flannel on isn't really going to provide the right mental image for whoever may be in the market for an umbrella girl. Think of your photo as your resume. It should be appropriate and relevant to the type of work you're trying to do.

SECOND, I know both people who have hired umbrella girls and a few umbrella girls from my GP travels, so I speak with a little bit of experience.

Those who hire umbrella girls, with pay, are typically the factory teams or better satellite teams. If you don't know who they are, you need to start learning who is factory and who isn't. The reason being, that if you get good at this, those teams might actually want you and will pay you. Plus, they aren't going to let some groupie umbrella for Rossi or Nicky. They want someone professional. They hire an agency.

Those who hire umbrella girls, without pay, typically are satellite teams or lesser quality riders. Their budgets are smaller and they get less fan fare. They're OK with an amateur. This means that you could start here. In my opinion, the best way to do this, would be to attend the races TWO days before the race day. For Laguna, that would be FRIDAY if the race is on SUNDAY. Then, go to each team and find out who is the team manager. Ask them if they have anyone holding their riders umbrella. Explain to them that you're looking to get in to it and it probably couldn't hurt for you to have a photo of yourself in the outfit you plan on wearing ready. Then if they want to use you, exchange numbers and you're in!


My buddy used to race 250 grand prix, and his umbrella girl was usually some good looking local girl. Usually his team manager found them in a bar several days prior or something and asked them if they wanted to do it. His team actually had an outfit they provided her and an umbrella.

Keep in mind, many riders have a girlfriend or wife that will always hold their umbrella. So maybe do some homework and find out which ones are better candidates than others. Might save yourself some time.

Honestly, its easier than you think. Just gotta go to the races and ask around.

EDIT: I completely disagree that the "majority" of umbrella girls are models from agencies. Sure, the ones you see in front of a both or represent Monster Energy are. But I believe the majority are just random girls that have ties to the team or are spouses or something.

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