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How to Become an Actress for Disney Kids ¶ June 6

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      Get an agent for your child. Although optional, this not only ensures that your child will have representation, but it also gives her access to more casting calls and auditions. Agents are informed about more events and details concerning particular roles and openings. To find a qualified agent, start with the Screen Actors Guild (see Resources).

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      Check the Disney corporate website regularly for upcoming auditions (see Resources), especially if your child is not represented by an agent. Auditions vary from calls for performers to dancers to character lookalikes and actors. Remember, Disney is a worldwide corporation, so auditions can be anywhere in the world.

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      Help your child prepare a monologue according to her strengths; make sure she is comfortable performing it and has all parts memorized. The "What to Prepare" section of the Disney website recommends performing a one-minute comedic monologue and advises aspiring actresses not to rush the performance. Timing and emotion are important. Your child should be prepared to take part in improvisational exercises during the audition.

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      Arrive at least 15 minutes early to the audition to give yourself time to fill out paperwork. According to the Disney website, head shots and resumes will be collected by a cast member prior to the audition. Make sure to prepare a head shot and resume well ahead of time. A child's resume should include prior acting or performing experience; also be sure to include any clubs or relevant memberships, such as acting groups.

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      Help your child remain relaxed and confident at the audition. She should listen carefully to the instructions provided by the casting directors. Matt, a current cast member at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, gives the following advice: "They want to see who you are, not who you can be. Show up prepared." (See Resources.)

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