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How to Become a Puppeteer ¶ July 7


In this arts and craft video John Lithgow will show you children how to become a puppeteer.

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John Lithgow: My magic scarf. A ticket stab to my fair Palooza and oh my! It’s Percy my old sock puppet. Percy you need a makeover, yes bossy. Percy and I played for hours and hours when I was younger when I didn’t have the responsibilities of running a major of Metropolis like Palooza Ville. We put on the most marvelous shows with our puppet friends which gives me an idea. Connect me—to Suza Palooza.

Carmen de la Paz: Happy opening night your mayorship.

John Lithgow: Oh Suza, is that Suza?

Carmen de la Paz: Sorry about that sir, we’re getting ready for opening night of the Palooza players theater group and I’m just checking the costumes.

John Lithgow: Well, perfect timing. Bossy and I were just wondering if you’re planning on using any puppets in this year’s production.

Carmen de la Paz: Puppets. Oh sir is that your old friend Percy?

John Lithgow: Yes Suza, it is. You think you’re going to work him in?

Carmen de la Paz: Of course sir, send them over.

John Lithgow: Did you hear that Percy? I heard it. Are you ready? Ready. Bossy?

Carmen de la Paz: Oh, Percy we need to fix you. Puppets have been around for hundreds of years. Probably the most famous were a pair of English puppets called Punch and Judy. The hook knows Punch and his poor wife Judy used that very physical kind of humor that we don’t see much today. Are you ready?

“What’s the Palooza?”

Carmen de la Paz: We’re going to make puppets.

“What do we need?”

Carmen de la Paz: Well we need some white athletic socks, poom pooms, glue—buttons and lots of imagination. We also need some puppet makers. First thing we’re going to do is take a white athletic sock and cut off the bottom thirds of it and this is a good place where you might want to have some help from your mom or your dad. Once we’ve got our sock cut, I’m going to take a little paper plate and draw out what looks like an open mouth. And once we’ve got it cut out, we’re going to glue it to the sock right at the top almost by the seam. Once we let it dry, you’re going to turn it inside out, and take your time pulling it out so that you don’t rip out the cardboard in the inside.

And now, I’m going to use a little a bit of already self adhesive felt for my mouth but you can use a piece of material, you can use a piece of instruction paper and then glue it down right about where you feel the paper plate mouth underneath. And then I’m going to fold it in half and now in the little crease of the mouth, I’m just going to take a little bit of craft foam, a little glue on the back, put it in there and now we have a tongue in the seam of the sock. You just need to push it right in and create and eye socket where the eye actually sits. See I have an eye socket and the eyes inside then I’m going to take little poom pooms just a little bit of glue on the back. I’m going to just push it right into the socket and on this side I have already another little black poom poom already attached to it. But you could put buttons for your eyes. But wait he can't breathe.

And now we’re almost done with our puppet. I’m using a—I could do whatever it is that I want for my hair and then I’m going to glue it on. And this is where you’re going to want to use a lot of glue so that the hair stays on. And now, here’s my little girl, it’s opening night, are you ready Suza? “We’re ready.”

John Lithgow: The thrill of opening night smell of the grease paint, the roar of—oh good point bossy. I’m not sure puppets use grease paint. Suza, are you ready for opening night?

Carmen de la Paz: Take a sit ‘Mr. Mair’. We’re having dress rehearsal right now sir. That’s the final practice before the performance. We’ve decided to go with an old puppet opening night at the Palooza Palace Theater. Here we go.

Once upon a time—

John Lithgow: The greatest most handsome, most ploozarefic man in the world hold me out of this war. Now, this is good theater.

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