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How to Be Popular, but Safe on deviantArt ¶ March 12

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deviantArt, also known as dA, is a popular website were you can post art, digital art, fan-art, landscape...whatever you would like to post that is art! It is a fun and rewarding website where fans of various things can meet up!



website and make your account. You can find the link by looking at the top. Click on the "Don't have an account? Sign up" link, to be exact!


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    Activate it by responding to the email. Now, we get started! Find a good 50x50 icon by searching dA or an image hosting service. If you have the means, which you should if you don't have a monstrously old computer without paint, you can make your own. You can crop an image, original or not, and save it as a gif. preferably (especially if it's animated), or as a png. if it contains a lot of transparencies.
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    Customize your page. When you log in, go to your settings which can be found in the tool bar. While there, you can also change your "signature", which will show up whenever you make a comment on someone else's work. Look around at popular pieces of art and look at the sayings under people's comments to get some ideas, though you should just do something original. Signatures can get old and show that you would just rather sway with the crowd than be creative. Begin a journal also. If you have something interesting to say, say it. Many people like to know "the-day-in-the-life-of" and it certainly helps gain views when you have some fans.
  • blog on your user page. It can get you some more attention. Just talk about your life... cool events, anything you like.

  • dAmn, which is the deviantART Message Network, has a number of chat rooms in which you can share artwork such as #thumbsshare and gain instant exposure and comments.
  • Try putting a link in your signature for more page views.
  • Don't over look a bunch of art that comes into your deviant watch. One way to become better friends or new friends with people you have watched is commenting on their art! Faving just doesn't cut it!
  • Warnings

    • You will get kicked off for stealing someone's work, leaving nasty comments, cyber bullying and breaking other rules.
    • If someone starts a fight, end it as soon as possible. You can get banned for intense fighting. You can avoid fights by not leaving mean messages, and don't post anything offensive. For example, if you post something showing hate to Canada, you will have your virtual butt kicked! People will be screaming and reporting it! So, only post kind things!

    Things You'll Need

    • Computer

    • Time

    • Artwork

    • Camera (optional)

    • Photoshop or image editing program (optional)

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