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How to be a Heartbreaker ¶ August 23

U.K.’s very own singer/songwriter/pop artist Marina and the Diamonds released her music video for her single “How to be a Heartbreaker” this past September. Lifted from her most recent album “Electra Heart”, this steamy boy-filled clip is the third single to hit the charts.

For once in a music video it isn’t women who are portrayed as objects, but men. There have been numerous videos that portray women in a provocative, sexual, worthless and explicit way. Although in this video it is the opposite, it’s about time that one has been created in favour to show men as an object.8033360354_e839ba35e0_c

In the music video of “How to be a heartbreaker” Marina is found in the men’s locker room where the swimming team is showering behind her while she sings. The video is composed of many more scenes where guys are half-naked and enchanted by Marina. They try making moves on Marina, but she always seems to be busy doing more important things or interested in something else. Marina’s video teaches us the rules and actions of how to be a heartbreaker and not fall into any traps set by men; to show them that we are able to play with their hearts and that we also have control.8033358697_fde8661cb9_c

What Came Between Marina And Her Calvins? - Popservations™
28 Sep 2012 ... I was like OK, let's get six Calvin Klein models and put them in the ... Purchase
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The handsome half-naked men in her video aren’t just any men, they are Calvin Klein models. Marina says she had 100% creative control over the video tweeting to her fans “15 HRS, 10 MALE UNDERWEAR MODELS. I DID IT FOR THE FANS, I DID IT FOR THE ART”. Marina seems to have stated that she took one for the team, but we all know that she also did it for herself. Now we can only wonder what her next video will be like, if she continues on the same path she has slowly been travelling. Will she be able to please her fans again, as much as she successfully did this time?


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