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How much does a good Lambo Salesman earn? ¶ March 19

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Big Tav said:

I don't know about "sky's the limit". Before I started at our dealership (BMW) there were a couple of guys who had been there a long time (12-15 years) and were making serious money. What that does eventually is makes management think that no one should be making that much money and they decide to cut costs. They "restructured" the commission structure and the guys were making 2/3 of what they were. Both of them left. They did this to the business manager too.

They couldn't stomach salesmen making $200,000+AUD. I know that doesn't make business sense as they lost their best guys and if they are making that much money the business must be making more but that is what happened.

Lamborghini Dealer Sold Supercars for $60,000 - NYTimes.com
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Hi Big Tav. A similar thing happened in the UK when it all went wrong in 2008.
What annoys me more than anything is that it is ultimately the customer who suffers as many dealerships are now employing anyone, for low pay and very average commission. I always took the view (and my bosses too) that if I was earning well, then so must the company. But it is driven from the top, as always. Sometimes DP's and general managers simply don't like their staff earning more than them. I guess you are at Rushcutters?

The big difference over there, I think, is that there simply isn't the number of salespeople available with the required experience of the prestige market. Over here, pretty much anyone could walk into a BMW/Mercedes and with just a little experience in the motor trade, secure a job.

What is interesting though is that a few Australian BMW dealers (I keep my eyes on things there, for various reasons) have been advertising employment opportunities recently-unheard of a couple of years ago? The positions where always filled internally etc. maybe it is going the same way there?How did you guess Rushcutters? smile Are you Aussie too? You are right about the advertising though. They are finding it harder to promote from within. I first started with BMW at Crawfords by just going in there and they liked me and hired me even though there wasn't really a job going and I was new to the industry.

I know what you mean about management don't like salesmen earning more than them. It is more common than people realise. I am also of the belief that if I am good enough to make the most of the job and max out the commission structure than the dealership should be over the moon. Unfortunately they see it as a way to save some money. Better in their pocket than yours. The good guys then leave, useless people get hired, less sales are made, lower grosses and then they wish the old sales guys were back...

I can't believe it is that easy to get a job in BMW/Merc if they are hiring anyone. That is a real mistake by the dealership. Maybe I should go back into it and I will do well pretty easily if that's the case! No, a Pom through and through. I lived in SA for a few years a while back and have just been granted permanent residence. I'm in the middle of planning things and have already been in touch with a few people at various dealerships-it's always sods law about these things as stuff is happening here too that could be quite exciting. To stay or go? That is the question.

You may know Barry, one of the Master Techies, at your old place? He went out on a sponsored visa to Rushcutters from my old dealership.

Although, looking at the woefull exchange rates at the moment, earning Aus Dollars and sending back here as Pounds does make a lot of sense.


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