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How does one apply to be an LIRR Conductor and are they hiring? ¶ March 14

Posted 15 April 2012 - 01:20 AM

I am fascinated by the LIRR system and would love to be a part of this team. How does one apply to either be a LIRR Conductor/brakeman/ticket collector or an Engineer?

Also what people have neglected to mentions is it's a very competitive job to get into. And their selection process is very very picky. Since it's not a civil service job, just because you pass the exam doesn't mean you'll even be called in for a interview. And also just because you apply doesn't mean they'll call you in to take the exam even if you meet the minimum requirements. So don't put your eggs all in one basket with them. Apply for as many exams as you qualify for and look into other MTA subsidiaries as well. MNRR is almost a mirror of LIRR and then there's always NYCTA which is a civil service job and easier to get into than either of the rail roads.

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Heart Breaker ¶ June 22

lol posting a new story! I thought of this from one of my favorite songs! Summary: Lucy Heartfilia may seem innocent and elegant, but once someone (anyone) gets to know her, their heart will be her possession and she will play around with it until it is fragile or broken.