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How can i get Instagram famous ? super fast !? ¶ May 28

How can i get Instagram famous ? super fast !?

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  • How to get famous on instagram? - Yahoo Answers
    i have like 600 followers and i wanna get famous on instagram what ... i probably
    followed about 350-400 people and overnight I went from 387 ...

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i have an instagram ! and i wanna get famous really fast , @fashion_Infinity how can i do this ?

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Ok, so I have an instagram too. i made one a couple weeks ago and i already have 3300 followers and only following 99. I post lots of creative pictures. Ones you would see from tumblr. and i always edit them to make them look even more spectacular. Some are scenery photos that i take, or some are fashion. you can get an app called weheartit its all fashion photos. but my advice to you is:

1.Only upload your BEST photos. dont post a picture where you feel like it wont get likes.
2. One of the best ways to rake up the likes are hashtags. you can only post about 30 of them. some popular ones are #igers #iphonesia #instagood #instamood #fashion #hipster #follow #girl #love #igdaily #instadaily and so on.
3.go on the popular page and like and comment on the user's photos. Since there are so many people that go on the popular page, they will see ur comment and probably visit ur page and follow you.

REMEMBER~ it is very hard to become ig famous. but just commenting and liking other peoples photos can get u a long ways.


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  • Nicolai answered 2 years ago

    Instagram political slogans drawn on your breasts.

  • How can i get Instagram famous ? super fast !?

    i have an instagram ! and i wanna get famous really fast , @fashion_Infinity how can i do this ?

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