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Facebook Removes The Only Feature That Makes You Unsearchable ¶ March 13

Facebook Removes The Only Feature That Makes You Unsearchable

facebook study Facebook Removes The Only Feature That Makes You UnsearchableFacebook has just made the privacy of the users even more irrelevant to its services. Hiding your profile from everyone on Facebook has just become even more impossible. Most of Facebook users probably don’t even know, but until now you could make yourself “unsearchable” from the setting “Who can look up my timeline by name?” Actually, since last December Facebook started removing the feature for some users, starting from those who weren’t using it. But now everyone can be easily found in Graph Search and there are no options left to hide your name (except for banning particular people you already know).

The company justified the changes saying that very few people used it and that other users “found it confusing”, because they couldn’t find people they knew personally or people that were in their Facebook Groups. You’d think that’s the point – you don’t want people to find you and they don’t. So, even if you don’t use the option it’s so much better to be able to make the choice. Besides, people can find you via Search Graph even not directly – via common interests, visited places and more. Not to mention the fact that you can’t even really delete your Facebook profile – all this could easily make privacy a big issue for anyone.

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