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Easy Psychic Development Method – Start Using This Today


Easy Psychic Development Method - Use This Technique To Jumpstart Your Psychic Ability Today

As you may know, psychic awareness is a way of accessing information from a greater spiritual intelligence. This universal force exceeds far beyond the limitations of our reasoning, our bodies, linear time, and space.

Have you ever wondered if there is an easy way to get true psychic impressions about something you need to know - whether it’s in the past, present or future? What if there was a simple method that you could start using immediately to "trick" your subconscious mind into revealing psychic details about another person, event, or situation – would you be interested?

Do I have your attention yet? Well if this is something you’ve desired, I encourage you to explore the power of using psychic symbols.

The Biggest Challenge Of Psychic Development

When trying to develop the ability to receive psychic insights, most people run into a common obstacle. For example, on a first date, when the question is asked to the higher self "is this person good for me" or "should I stay with this person," for most people, all kinds of mixed messages flood the senses. It’s tricky to determine the difference between our own stuff (desires, fears, conditioning, etc) and any true psychic impressions. Many people stop at this point and never pursue psychic development again.

When a request is made to the higher self for a psychic insight, the information is sent to the subconscious and conscious aspects of ourselves. But what often happens, along the path to our conscious self, is this information gets distorted by our own emotions, ideas, beliefs, and thinking. On top of this, without proper training, psychic information can be tricky to translate into understandable knowledge. It can be similar to looking at the static of on an old TV screen and trying to make out faint images, trying to determine what they are and what they mean.

Using psychic symbols helps you to bypass the subconscious, creating a direct link between your higher self and conscious self.

Using symbols to access psychic insights helps you to bypass the clutter of the subconscious mind. As far as psychic development, this is a great shortcut, a quick fix to psychic awareness. Using symbols helps you to directly contact that deep psychic voice that we all have within us. When attempting to receive psychic insights, instead of having to sort through the impressions you receive (thoughts, visual images, emotions, etc), using symbols will tend to give you a simple, clearer psychic answer.

Psychic Development Method - Using Symbols To receive Psychic Insights

  1. Do your best to blank your mind. Anytime you are working with psychic awareness, the more neutral you are, the more accurate your psychic perception will be. If you are overwhelmed with confusion, doubt, anger, etc, try going back in your mind’s eye to an event in the past where you felt more at peace. Put yourself at the event and pay attention to the details (colors, textures, clothing, time a day, etc). Sit in that event, as if you are there right now, and bathe in that emotion.

    Clearing the mind and reaching a state of neutrality is actually the more difficult step for most people. Of course, with competent training, such as our Psychic Development Course, the difficulty of this step can be easily overcome.

  2. In your mind’s eye, picture a big white movie screen in front of you. Now in your own mind, ask the question that you desire to know (Will I get that new job? Is this person right for me? Should I move? etc). On the big white screen, imagine as clear and detailed as you can, a big traffic stoplight. While focusing on your question, ask yourself which light on the traffic stoplight is shining (red, green, or yellow). If there is no light shining, ask yourself if one of the lights had to be shining, which one would it be?

In the above example, a traffic light is used as the symbol. This symbol is good especially if the desired question has a "yes," "no," or "maybe" answer. Green will mean "yes," red will mean "no," and yellow will mean "maybe" or "not yet determined."

Use your creativity to find other symbols that you can use in this way. For example, you can even assign different symbols to the different people in your life. Maybe you could assign a little heart to your romantic partner, a hammer to your boss, a peace sign to your mother, a question mark for a stranger, etc. Then when someone calls on the phone, before you check the caller id or answer, ask yourself who is calling. Create the blank screen in your mind’s eye and ask yourself what symbol, if one had to appear, is present on the big white screen.

Considered making a list of symbols with their corresponding values. However you do it, make sure the symbols are simple, easy to identify, and with no moving parts or any intense detail. Draw out the symbols on piece of paper and write out each value next to each symbol. Memorize, and drill into your subconscious mind, what each one of these symbols represents to you.

What if a decision you have to make involves several possible choices?

Or what if it's too difficult to create a symbol for the choices you have, because the choices are so complex? An idea is to list out all the choices on a piece of paper and then assign a different shape (circle, square, etc), with a different color (red, blue, green, etc), to each separate choice. Get some colored markers or pencils and actually fill in the shapes with colors so that your subconscious mind will clearly make the connection.

The key to this variation of the technique (using shapes and colors) is that you have to memorize, you have to drill into your subconscious mind, all of the different shapes and colors and their corresponding values. You have to get to the point where, if you had to, you could recite them in your sleep. When you are confident the shapes/colors and values are "branded" into your mind, you simply follow the directions above: blank your mind, create a white screen, and start asking questions to your higher self.

Psychic Symbols – An Easy And Fun Path To Psychic Development

When using symbols for psychic awareness, the best approach is to have fun with it. Make it into a game. Find scenarios where you can playfully develop and test this method (such as the phone call scenario mentioned above). Start with scenarios that are simple and are not that important, but easy to test. You want to test the technique so that you can develop your confidence in the method. Then once you see that this technique actually works, you can move onto using it for bigger, more life defining questions that you have.

Of course, at first the method will probably not always be accurate. But the more you use it, the more you develop the ability and its effectiveness, and the more confident you become. Combine this ability with your own reasoning when making decisions, and you have a powerful combination that can be used at will.

Using symbols in this way is a great stepping stone to more advanced levels of psychic awareness. In the higher levels of awareness, an individual can reach the ability of "straight perception," where all psychic insights are sensed in great detail, as they are, without any symbols being present. Of course, this requires more training and experience, but this can be achieved by anyone.

Many people don’t realize it, but there is a psychic voice deep within everyone, a voice just waiting to be heard.

This voice has the answers to the questions that can’t be answered through intellectual means, reasoning, common sense, book knowledge, etc. Once this voice is contacted, it becomes clearer and louder, assisting you through life’s obstacles and decisions. I encourage you to access and use this voice in your own life. Enjoy it, have fun with it, and embrace it. Of course, I want to know what you think, your experiences, and any questions that you may have. Feel free to post these in the comment section below.

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Easy Psychic Development Method - Start Using This Today
Easy Psychic Development - simple yet powerful method to "trick" your ... psychic
details about another person, event, or situation – would you be interested?

"The exercises are clear cut and easy enough for anyone to do well with practice. With the addition of Dale's coaching, I was able to get results at a constant and deliberate pace."


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