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Children ¶ July 22

junparaLife Saving Should be Part of the National Curriculum

Don’t you agree ? Every child in this country should be taught basic lifesaving skills in the last few years of primary school.

Read this article from the Daily Mail;

“A girl of 11 used her  lifesaving training to save the life of a choking toddler.
Rachel leapt into action after 20-month-old Lilly got a piece of cracker lodged in her throat.
The toddler’s terrified mother watched helplessly as she struggled to breathe and started turning blue.
But quick-thinking Rachel drew on the skills she learned from a First Aid course and rushed to Lilly’s aid.
She slapped her on the back five times before performing the manoeuvre of two abdominal thrusts.
Rachel, from Swindon, Wiltshire, said: ‘We learnt all about what to do when this sort of thing happens. It was great to be able to help my friend out.”
Daily Mail

jp3The mother didn’t know what to do. The 11 year old girl did. The toddler survived. Happy ending. Wouldn’t it be great if all 11 year old children knew how to save someone choking. Children are prone to choking because they love to chat and eat at the same time!

Wouldn’t it also be great if all 11 year olds knew that an unconscious person needs to be put into the recovery position to save their life.

Don’t Worry, We’ll Teach Them

That’s why we came up with Junior Paramedics. We want to go to all primary schools, out of school clubs and kids evening clubs to show them. Don’t worry, we won’t scare them to death.

Job Guides - Paramedic - Input Youth
Paramedics must be physically fit, to cope with frequent lifting and handling of ...
The most common route at present is to start in a junior role - usually as an ...

jp2They’ll learn;

  • What to do if someone is unconscious
  • The recovery position
  • CPR
  • Choking
  • How to stop bleeding
  • Asthma, burns and poisons

This is a 2-hour course with breaks in the right places. The whole thing is very light hearted, interactive and delivered just at the right level for children. We can teach 30 Junior Paramedics at a time.

Each Junior Paramedic will receive a certificate showing that they are a Junior Paramedic, a book specially designed for them.

Make Your Children Lifesaving Heroes

So if you think this would be great for the children in your school, cub group, brownie group or you’d like to organise it for your own children and friends  give us a call or drop us a line.

Class of 30 – £175.00

Call Us on 01225 458 650 now to Book!

Where Do Our First Aid Courses Run?

Premedic are based in Bath and work locally in surrounding areas such as Bristol, Dorset and Hampshire. We also run our Children’s First Aid Training & Lifesaving Skills courses nationally across the UK and frequently provide training across in London and Manchester.


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