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Celebrating Myself! ¶ March 13

In the middle of trying times, I’m learning how to love myself and be happy regardless of my circumstances.  I’ve often read that the biggest roadblock to true success and happiness is self doubt…something I tend to excel in.  So today, I’m not going to criticize myself for not being enough _______ (your choie).  I’m not going to give myself any of the negative self-talk script that creeps up into my thoughts if unchecked.  I’m not going to listen to those negative whispers that would have me believe I’m any less than I actually am. 

But what am I going to do today to celebrate myself?  In addition to the negativity I’m going to withhold from myself, I am going to remind myself that I have a place of my own in this universe, that I am a loved creation.  I have a heart of goodness, kindness and love.  I may sometimes try too hard, but I try.  I don’t give up when the going gets tough, and I am resourceful and creative in ways that can usually find me an answer.  I am unusually strong and fit, and equally as quirky and goofy.  I am a good friend, I keep other people’s secrets, and I have an eye for beauty.  I love all of these things about myself.  Today I celebrate the beautiful, wonderful me that I am!

Here are some other ideas to help celebrate you: Taking some time alone.  Meditation or prayer.  Journaling. Exercise.  Walking in nature. Watching an inspiring movie.  Talking to a supportive friend.  Scheduling a massage or a session with a life coach. Good sites to read with more suggestions: How to Celebrate Yourself, and Celebrate You!

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30 Aug 2013 ... This is not to say you shouldn't strive to do, or become, better, but it's more about
being thankful regardless of what your circumstances are.


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