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Careers ¶ November 14


All candidates MUST possess a valid Alberta SSIA license and have no criminal convictions on record in any jurisdiction.

Traffic Enforcement & Control:

A minimum of 3 years service and specialized training as a Police Officer, Sheriff Highway Patrol, or Municipal Peace Officer with service in a TRAFFIC UNIT.  Laser and Radar certification from a Police Agency is required.

High Profile Security Guard:

A minimum of 5 years service and training as a Canadian, US or UK Police Officer, Sheriff, Peace Officer, Transit Police, Correctional Officer or Specialized Military member with a service record in good standing.

Security Guard:

Police or Peace Officer experience is preferred. Canadian citizenship and a minimum of 3 years security experience in Canada is mandatory.  You must be physically fit, clean cut, be fluent (written and spoken) in English, have exceptional communication skills and represent a level of professionalism congruent with Police/Military standards.  Non-Police/Peace Officer applicants must have training that exceeds the Alberta Basic Security Training.

Basic Security Guard:

A valid Alberta Security License is required.

Executive Protection Specialist:

Applicants must have a minimum of 5 years Police, Sheriff or Military experience with executive protection specialist training.  Specialized driving, control tactics & firearms courses are required.

Private Investigator:

Applicants must have a minimum of 10 years Investigative and/or Police experience combined with basic and advanced surveillance training from a Canadian or US law enforcement agency.

Loss Prevention Officer:

Applicants must have a minimum of 3 years experience working in a professional loss prevention environment with a proven track record of success.  LPO’s must have exceptional communication and conflict management skills, combined with ongoing training and development.  PPCT and loss prevention training is required.

Qualifications and requirements
24 Oct 2013 ... Application requirements. To apply as a police officer of the RCMP you must: Be
a Canadian citizen. You must be a Canadian citizen.


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