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Big Brother Australia Opinions ¶ March 14

Big Brother Australia Opinions

Posted By admin On Friday, September 12, 2014 08:52 AM. Under Big Brother Australia  

So annoyed with how immature a lot of these houseguests are acting!

Let’s begin with the fact that a lot of these people are referring to Priya and Katie’s money as their money also because it came out of the final prize money. Excuse you, none of you have own that money yet therefore it is most definitely not yours.. Wow, and the fact that they actually took Priya’s money bag and hid it shows how immature and stuck in high school some of these people are. They expect Priya to give them the money that she is trying to contribute to her mortgage and take some of the weight off of her husbands shoulders, and they need to realize that.

Now onto how two-faced Katie is. She’s walking around and making fun of Priya to Cat and then acts so normal around Priya. I haven’t liked Katie since night one, I got a bad vibe, and it looks like I was right. She’s also expecting Priya to give up $2.4k. Actually she’s not expecting her.. She’s telling her??? And she is also trying to say that Priya made her take the money. Katie, no one ever forced you to do anything, you did NOT have to take that money, grow up and act like the adult that you are instead of blaming it on other people. At least Priya didn’t argue with her and gave her time to think. When Priya wanted to think about giving up that much money, Katie refused and almost got her way.. True definition of a hypocrite..

Now off the topic, so I can calm down, let’s talk about Skye! What a sweetheart. To be honest, at first I did not expect to like her, but I really do. She’s one of the only housemates not complaining about the shakes, and she’s telling people it’s no big deal and they’ll survive. In a way I feel like she’s sort of sticking up for Priya, and I really like that!

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