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7 Tricks To Help You Be On Time, All The Time

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 by Meg Malone

I like things to start when they are supposed to start. If I was at that Justin Bieber concert that started two hours late? Yeah, I would have been complaining up a storm.

Not only is being on time a show of respect for others, but it is just a way to avoid unwanted stress in your life. Ugh, there is nothing that makes me more angry than seeing the train leave the station without me or missing the previews at a movie (they are a necessity). Hey, just because I like to be punctual, that doesn’t mean I don’t slip up on time management now and again.

Yes, sometimes things happen and being late is beyond our control, but there are often little things we can do to make sure we’re on time to meet up with people, attend an event or be at school when the first bell rings. Here are seven handy tricks:

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Alarms Are Your Friends

Nothing says "you need to be doing something" quite like an annoying alarm. I set eight every morning. Yes, maybe that's obsessive, but I would sleep all day if I had the choice. Set alarms in your phone with notes to remind you of when you need to be somewhere. The constant reminders will get your body revved up into action.

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Get Tricky

Another trick is to set a few clocks a little ahead. Now, try to forget that you've done this so you don't just do the math in your head (oh it says 7:30, but that's really 7:15 so I can just dilly-dally...), but it can be a way to make you feel a little more urgency about finally leaving the house to get where you need to go.

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Plan Ahead

Many times I have not decided on an outfit and started running late when I kept going back and forth. If you have some extra time in the days or hours before you need to get going, try to do as much of the legwork ahead of time as possible, Lay out your outfit, pack your lunch, double check that your suitcase has everything in it. These things will take less time if you do it ahead of time, rather than when you're already stressed and frazzled about being late.

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Use Your Resources

Planning ahead doesn't just mean getting your own stuff in order, but thinking about what's going on outside. Pull up a map so you know exactly where you'll be going. Check the weather and traffic report for any delays that might pop up close to your departure time. Speeding to try and get somewhere on time is super unsafe and not the way to go about it. Instead, see if you can spot potential obstacles so you leave yourself enough time to get there early.

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Buddy Up

Getting a buddy is a great way to stay accountable. Nobody wants to feel like they are letting someone down, so if you have a more punctual friend, nicely ask if they can help you out with reminders about what you should be doing to make sure you get somewhere on time. Another idea is to team up with another late buddy and set up a rewards system so you two can celebrate as you help get each other where you need to be.

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Have An Early Arrival Plan

The fear of getting somewhere way too early often works in the reverse way and ends up making you just a little too late. Embrace arriving early by having a plan. Maybe it means treating yourself at Starbucks while you wait or go for a cheaper option and throw a book in your bag to pull out while you wait for your friends. If you're not bored, being early won't be so scary.

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Accept The Consequences

You just can't really expect your friends to wait around for you if it's mainly your fault that you weren't on time. Being late for something sucks, but try to avoid made-up excuses and use it as a learning opportunity so you don't have this awful feeling again. Sometimes it just takes one time being late to something awesome to kick ourselves into a more punctual gear. Plus, the more you're on time, the more others will understand those instances where running late is beyond your control.

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Are you usually on time or running late? Do you get annoyed when you (or other people) aren’t on time? How do you make sure you get to events on time? Tell us in the comments!


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