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I did my best with it. Unfortunately Draco (Mami) will be almost impossible to make. I don't have enough to make her spirally hair. So I'm thinking of what to do about that. Then of course comic with all 4 + possibly someone representing Kyouko, who should be decently easy to create.

godisgood_123 wrote:

Thats pretty neat, I watched blizzcon from a live stream, but then blizz found out and disabeled it :/

Anyway, regarding the pandaren, dont you think that their radical abillitis are kinda OP? I mean it seems that they will have the best racical, tho I'm thinking of the 100% increased benefit from food buff, and less fall dmg could be really usefull in some boss mechanics.

As for the monk, I think it will be interesting to se how the new class will effect the raiding part of the game, And how will blizz do with characters? I mean isnt there one char slot for ea class, and with the monks wont you have to delete one char to be able to play it (If you have one of ea class already)

And I've heard that druid tanks will get their own gear as in, they wont need to fight over the gear with dps ferals?

As of now the racial do seem a bit OP. But most peoples concerns are PvP in regards to op racials. I mean Rogues and Druids already have Fall Dmg reduction. Food buff increase though is wicked good.

Yeah unfortunately they haven't released much on the Monks except some simple Punches and Kicks. I'm more interested in the healing aspect. I'm about 95% sure they will add a slot or two in MoP. On my account I had all 10 classes filled (all 80 or 85) I was an altaholic.

I didn't hear anything on the Bear vs Cat gear btw.

DennouNeko wrote:

Um... Interesting... Although I can't remember being that aggressive towards anyone.
Oh well. It's your comic and I still can't wait for another strip

haha slow down. I haven't revealed what happens next so you can't assume you were actually going to hit me :p Maybe I want you to be Tsundere? Maybe I want you to be mean? WHAT WILL HAPPEN!?!?!?! See? :p

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Last night when I argued again with my mother, she said things like "Do you know how much money you get when you're teaching in a music school? I got a friend who is teacher in a music school and he always complains about his salary!