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"A New Approach To Royal Naval Reserve Officer Initial Naval Training" ¶ July 15

The current, and well thought out plan, is for every JR to conduct a 1 week basic rifle course, and a 1 week "sea safe sailor" course. Thus, in future years, when called upon to go somewhere that requires the ability to be fully weapon trained, the basic, very basic, skills will have already been taught. This does seem to make sense, as Force Protection is an increasing issue, and we, as a military service, should be able to do this ourselves, without having to rely on Royal, or the Army. The RAF have this approach for many years now. Once the basic course has been completed, unless the branch requires you to be fully trained in he rifle, there will be no need to remain in date etc.
im sure many people can pick holes in this policy, but at least it is well thought out, with sound reasoning.
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A New Approach To Royal Naval Reserve Officer Initial ... - Royal Navy
22 Apr 2013 ... Junior officer training in the Royal Naval Reserve (RNR) is ... leadership and
management training becoming a regular part of the life of a ...


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