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5 Steps to Becoming More Cultured and Worldly ¶ April 3

You know the Most Interesting Man in the World, from those Dos Equis commercials?  What is it about him that makes him so damn interesting?  His wealth of experience?  The stories he tells?  His depth of knowledge that allows him to converse on a variety of subjects?  Well, there’s nothing stopping you from obtaining all of those things, too!  Make yourself the most interesting man in the world — or at least the most interesting man in the room.  Here are a few easy ways to pull it off.

5. Download a Wikipedia app and use it.

This is the easiest way to learn more about everything.  Whenever you come across a word, person, place, or thing you don’t know, look it up.  In your spare time, instead of checking Twitter over and over again, you can read Wikipedia articles that interest you.  I bet there’s a lot more to Hitler than just what you learned in school.  Or the first season of LOST, for that matter.  Look up stuff, just for the sake of learning.

4. Check out some local offerings.

Grab the arts section of your local newspaper and see what kind of cheap, or even free, concerts, shows, tastings, and events are available.  You can bring a friend, or go on your own so you’ll be in a better position to meet new people.  In Kansas City, where I live, there’s always some interesting street festival going on, or live music playing somewhere, and always delicious food that’s very reasonably priced (and sometimes free).  College towns are great for this, too.  The point is, see what your area has to offer.  You’ll get to know your hometown better, and you’ll see/hear/taste some new stuff while you’re at it.

3. Try new things and go to new places.

Going along with the previous point, culture yourself and make yourself more worldly by going outside your comfort zone and trying new things!  Never had sushi before?  Go out with some friends and order a plate to share.  If you’re in a region with some nearby wineries or even a decent bar scene, go on a tasting.  Go to a pumpkin patch and sample the cider, or go to a freakin’ zoo and actually take the time to read the little informational signs about the animals.  Go anywhere that you can learn something or have a new experience while having a good time.  These are the places that will leave you with great stories to tell.

2. Talk to folks.

No matter how interesting and worldly you become, I guarantee there are people out there with more experience and better stories that you can learn from.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting a drink at the bar by yourself and having a conversation with someone sitting there.  You’ll meet people that have been all over the world.  You might even meet someone more interesting than the Dos Equis man himself.

1. Read, read, read!

This is by far the best way to better yourself in terms of becoming a more cultured person, improving your vocabulary, and being able to discuss classics that all sorts of intelligent and well-read people will know.  You’ve probably already read certain classics like Catcher in the Rye and The Great Gatsby in school, but just because you’re no longer required to read books doesn’t mean you should stop.  A quick Google search will find you any number of “101 Books You Should Read Before you Die” type of lists.  Pick something that sounds interesting and get reading!




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