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20 Reasons to Be a Part of QNet Revolution ¶ September 10

1. Business of 21st Century ~ Unique Hybrid Model

A smart decision taken by the founders within 6 months of QNET’s foundation in 1998 turned out to be the game changer. They saw that the power of Internet would remove all global boundaries and pioneered an entirely new business model ~ combining e-commerce and network marketing. This decision single handedly created the limitless opportunity that QNET presents today. The model is so strong that even Kishore Biyani, the Big Bazaar Entrepreneur, has launched it as Big Bazaar Direct with few modifications.

2. Growing Industries

Both Direct Selling and E-Commerce are growing industries and are the future. Total Global Sales of Direct selling industry worldwide was $167 billion for 2012 (as compared to $91 billion for organic products industry, $80 billion for movie industry, $67 billion of video gaming industry and $16.5 billion music industry). In India, the market size of direct selling industry is expected to be over Rs. 10,843 crore by 2014-15 and Rs. 34,000 crore by 2019-10 according to a survey by IDSA.

E-commerce industry is growing by 20% every year and B2C E-commerce turnover crossed $1 trillion in 2012. According to ICICI insights, India’s E-commerce market was worth about Rs. 50,000 crores in 2011. India has more than 10 million online shoppers and the number is growing at an estimated 40-45%.

3. True Financial Freedom

True Financial Freedom is having lots of money with lots of free time. While everyone can make money ~ small or big, very few can afford to enjoy the money by having free time. QNET gives everyone the opportunity to develop a team of professional partners in 3 to 5 years with the objective of making yourself redundant in the end. As a result, you can unplug yourself of active work after developing your network, but the income will keep flowing (infact increase) with time.

4. FREE Life Changing Business Opportunity

Yes, the business opportunity actually comes for free. When you enroll with QNET, you get a product with a strong value proposition ~ be it Vacation Package, wellness product, online education, swiss watch etc. The business opportunity comes as FREE Bonus. It allows you to not merely become a customer but act as an Independent Representative, promote the business and products in your network and make money (and it’s huge money if you do it professionally like a serious business).

5. Be Your Own Boss

People spend most productive years of their lives (from age 20 to 40) working for someone else. Isn’t it a better idea to give only 3-5 years to this business (that also means you have to compress the hard work of 20 years in 3-5 years) and enjoy rest of your life. QNET provides you the opportunity to own your life by being your own boss with complete responsibility of your organization / network. 3 to 5 years working as the CEO of your organization / network will give you much better rewards (be it income, peace or time) than working for 40 years to fulfill someone else’s dreams.

6. Founders

It is said that ‘There is no future in any company, the future lies in the person who runs the company.’ The founders and key position holders of QNET are truly qualified leaders capable of running the business successfully for at least next 50 years. Co-founder Dato’ Vijay Eswaran has featured in Forbes Asia’s annual list of Philanthropy Heroes besides being a regular speaker at World Economic Forum (WEF). He was recently awarded ‘CEO of the Year 2013’ by the Asean Business Advisory Council, Malaysia. Co-founder Joseph Bismark maintains a firm channel of communication with team members through his popular of ‘Gems of Wisdom’ series. Donna Imson, Executive Chairperson, is world renowned networker and an accomplished expert in training and development. JR Mayer, the charismatic MD is a fifth generation member of the Mayer lineage, a family with a long history in the numismatics and jewellery industries.

7. Best Technology Partners

QNET strives for excellence and hence works with only the best technology partners. The Virtual Office platform is run by Microsoft where you can see your personal info, business performance, income earned, downlines, company info, news and latest updates (check Microsoft Case Study on QNET).  Qnet has adopted the highest industry standard for online protection with the induction of Enhanced Validation SSL (EVSSL) Certification from Symantec Verisign.

8. Strong Affiliations

QNET has tied up with Virgin Marussia Formula 1 Team to become the first direct selling company to venture into Formula 1. Recently, QNET MasterCard was launched by the company which lets the IRs (Independent Representatives) access cash anywhere in the world. The company has also tied up with Western Union Money Transfer letting IRs quickly and easily transfer funds from Qashout Account to any Western Union location worldwide.

9. Genuine Need-based Products

The company offers product and services that fill real need of consumers at a fair price with a large untapped market for it. QNET has carefully chosen growing recession-proof industries like vacation, wellness and nutrition, education, personal care and luxury and collectibles. The products across all categories provide tremendous value to the consumer.

10. 15 Years and Still Growing

If you really want to put in hard work for next 3 to 5 years to secure your future, choose a company that has proven that it will be around for a long time. Research says that 90% of network marketing companies fail within their first 2 years and only 5% survive for 10 years. QNET has successfully completed 15 years and the company has evolved a lot with time. You wouldn’t like to invest your precious time and resources (not to mention your future) in something that may not be in the business next month or next year. Do You?

11. Global Business

The unique hybrid business model incorporating e-commerce gives a global reach to the business. Unlike other direct selling companies, your catchment area is not restricted to the city, state or country you live in. In fact, the whole world becomes your market and you can develop network across the globe and have teams in Russia, USA, UK, UAE, Australia and many other nations where QNET has a presence (and the presence is growing every year).

12. Great Compensation Plan

QNET offers a great compensation plan where a downline can earn more than the upline. In other words, the income potential is related to efforts put in by a partner and not his position. For example, if Raj (Upline) refers Tarun (Downline), Tarun can actually earn more than Raj if he is better in learning and activity. So, it’s not a scheme where only people at the top make more money. Also, the binary model ensures that you help your downline with any direct referral after 2 direct referrals.

13. Equal Profit Sharing

QNET’s compensation plan facilitates TEAM spirit (Together Everyone Achieves More) rather than individual performance. Equal profit sharing creates a spirit of collaboration rather than competition in the team. The success of upline depends on the success of downline, and vice-versa. So every leader ensures that their team grows faster and even bigger than him (unlike corporate race where one’s success is envied by colleagues, juniors and seniors alike).

14. Works Even at 1% Success Rate

If you remain consistent with your effort for 3-5 years in QNET business, you could earn money that’s beyond imagination and not possible in your existing job, profession or business. The results are guaranteed even at 1% success rate (provided you guarantee continuous efforts and learning). By the way, in any other business or job if you work at 1% success rate, you will be kicked out by your competitors or company.

15. Legacy

Another appealing factor of QNET business is the option to secure the financial future of three generations by working for 3-5 years. Yes, you can pass on the network created by you to next two generations (with all income being passed on to them) giving peace of mind that if something happens to you, your dependents will be taken care of at least for the financial loss. I am yet to find a better financial protection for myself and my family. Here, I am reminded of the punchline of a  famous Insurance Company ‘Zindagi ke saath bhi, Zindagi ke baad bhi!!!’.

16. Best Gift to Your Loved Ones

We humans by nature want to help others and charity begins at home. Once you understand and realize the potential of QNET business, you would like to help people close to you ~ be it family members or friends. In my case, my wife is a part of it (little active) and so is my brother (totally inactive as of now). But whenever they choose to do this business, be it in one week or one year, I will build up their network and do a part of their job making their life easy in future.

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17. Strong Support System

QNET Global Support System is the heartbeat of the company providing consistent first class customer support. It is a 24/7 Multilingual Contact Centre where a team of professionals serve the customers in 27 different languages throughout the year. The company has bagged two gold awards in 2012 Contact Centre World Awards held in Las Vegas, USA. For the continuous development of its IRs, QNET has a dedicated blog (www.blog.qnet.net) and a video training portal (www.the-v.net). Also regular training programs are conducted at local level to make sure the IRs work as professionals.

18. You can work Part-time

Another unique benefit of QNET business opportunity is that you need not disturb your existing work-life relationship till the time your income from this business matches your existing source. Till then you can continue to work part-time. But remember it’s a part-time business not a spare time activity. If you feel that you don’t have time for this life-changing business, you need to set your priorities right.

19. No Discrimination

Everywhere in life we see discrimination on the basis of region, religion, caste, creed, colour, gender, education or experience. And since discrimination is negative, the result can never be constructive. QNET business makes sure that there is no discrimination and the business treats everyone equally. The only discriminating factor is your efforts. Else no matter which country you belong to, what is your education and experience, what is your gender, colour, religion etc. QNET business opportunity works equally for all.

20. Social Responsibility

At the very heart of QNET is the philosophy of RYTHM, meaning Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. RYTHM Foundations are independent charities established by QI Group for philanthropic work around the world. Be it donation to Akshaya Home – a Madurai based organization providing food and shelter to homeless, helpless and disabled people or relief for Typhoon Maring victims in Philippines or ‘Book Drive’ for Ladakhi children.


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